Situation Command

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Situation Commands are a gameplay element in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-. They behave similarly to Reaction Commands, in which they behave differently depending on context.

Situation Commands can not only be selected through pressing Triangle, but by also pressing up on the D-pad to select the Situation Command and then pressing X, Circle in the Japanese version. Unlike Reaction Commands, multiple Situation Commands can appear at once.

General Situation Commands[edit]

Command Description Context
Open Open a treasure chest. When near a treasure chest.
Examine Investigate an object in the field. When near specific objects.
Save Open the Save menu. When near a Save Portal.

Battle Situation Commands[edit]

Combat-based Situation Commands are unlocked through battle performance. Like Command Styles and Finish commands from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, engaging in combat has arrow-shaped markers appear above the Command Menu. When sufficient damage is inflicted while at three markers, the markers are dispensed and Situation Commands appear above the Command Menu, alongside a timer next to them indicating how long the player has until the Command disappears. These timers can be refreshed by re-initiating the Situation Command's trigger.

The Situation Commands that appear are based on the player's battle style when acquiring markers, and can vary from powerful finishing attacks to Style Changes. A highly-varied battle style can also unlock multiple Situation Commands simultaneously, allowing the player to unleash several powerful moves in rapid succession. If the player does not attack or block anything for a period of time, any gained markers will be discarded.

Command Description Context
Spellweaver (マジックウィッシュ Majikku Wisshu?, lit. "Magic Wish") Activate the Spellweaver Style Change. Fill the meter with physical combos.
Wayfinder (ウェイファインダー Weifaindā?) Activate the Wayfinder Style Change. Ally with Mickey.
Finish (フィニッシュ Finisshu?) Perform a devastating attack that ends a Style Change. Fill the meter with physical combos during a Style Change.
Firaja (フィラガン Firagan?, lit. "Firagun") Cast an explosive Fire spell. Fill the meter with Firaga spells.
Blizzaja (ブリッザガン Burizzagan?, lit. "Blizzagun") Cast a massive Blizzard spell. Fill the meter with Blizzaga spells.
Thundaja (サンダーガン Sandāgan?, lit. "Thundagun") Cast a Thunder spell that rains a devastating thunderstorm upon enemies. Fill the meter with Thundaga spells.

Event-specific Situation Commands[edit]

Command Description Context
Wayfinder (ウェイファインダー Weifaindā?) Bind the Demon Tide, rendering it vulnerable to combos. Triggers the Wayfinder Style Change when completed. Deal sufficient damage to the Demon Tide.
Finish (フィニッシュ Finisshu?) Deliver a powerful surge of light to the Demon Tide. Fill the meter in the Wayfinder Style Change during the Demon Tide fight.
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