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Frozen Slider

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Frozen Slider (フローズンスライダー Furōzun Suraidā?) is a Mini-game that appears in Kingdom Hearts III. It is first played after escaping the avalanche in the North Mountain, and can be played after clearing Arendelle by talking to Elsa or Goofy at the Ice Palace.


When playing Frozen Slider for the first time, the objective is simply to reach the finish line while avoiding bumping into surfaces. When replaying Frozen Slider by talking to Elsa or Goofy, the objective is to get an A rank by scoring at least 500000 points, as well as to collect as many treasures as possible.

While playing Frozen Slider, the player is forced into the Trinity Sled Situation Command and can collect points by running into Point Prizes which give 100 points, and large Point Prizes which give 1000 points. When playing Frozen Slider for the first time, points cannot be collected and are instead replaced with munny and HP prizes. Collecting Point Prizes will add to a point multiplier, which can multiply the amount of points up to a factor of x8 for as long as the player avoids taking damage. The player can traverse the course more easily using Flowmotion rails which can be sledded across, as well as boosters on the ground which launch the player into the air. The player can also collect 10 treasure prizes which are scattered across the course by running into them, rewarding the player with an Orichalcum+ and Master Treasure Magnet upon collecting all 10.

The player can also receive bonus points by finishing within a certain time frame. If the player reaches the finish line without taking damage, they will receive 50000 bonus points.

Finishing Time Points
1'24"99 or faster 200000
1'25"00 180000
1'26"00 160000
1'27"00 140000
1'28"00 120000
1'29"00 100000
1'30"00 90000
1'31"00 80000
1'32"00 70000
1'33"00 60000
1'34"00 50000
1'35"00 45000
1'36"00 40000
1'37"00 35000
1'38"00 30000
1'39"00 25000
1'40"00-1'44"99 15000
1'45"00-1'49"99 10000
1'50"00-1'54"99 5000
1'55"00-1'59"99 1000
2'00"00 or slower 0


Points Required Rank Reward
500000 Points A Defense Boost, Fusion Rocket, Star Medal
400000-499999 Points B Master Medal, Junior Medal
200000-399999 Points C Wellspring Stone
0-199999 Points D Wellspring Shard