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Monster of the Sea

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Monster of the Sea

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Katakana 大海原の怪物

Romaji Ōunabara no Kaibutsu
Arena Level 8
Rounds 8
Medals 450
Bonus Challenge Down to the Wire
Complete this battle within 7:30.
Medal Bonus Medals x1.5

Rewards Terra: Mini
Ventus: Mini
Aqua: Mini
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Round Enemies

1 Axe Flapper x8
Blue Sea Salt x4
Bruiser x7
Scrapper x4
2 Monstro
3 Axe Flapper x4
Shoegazer x8
Thornbite x7
Triple Wrecker x3
4 Monstro
5 Axe Flapper x4
Blue Sea Salt x6
Bruiser x 8
Triple Wrecker x5
6 Monstro
7 Axe Flapper x4
Blue Sea Salt x6
Bruiser x 8
Triple Wrecker x5
8 Monstro

Monster of the Sea is the thirteenth battle featured at the Mirage Arena in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. It takes place in a digital version of Prankster's Paradise. The battle lasts for up to eight rounds, but will end as soon as Monstro is defeated.





Monster of the Sea – Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix