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Deep Space

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Deep Space

Deep Space KHBBS.png
Deep Space Logo KHBBS.png
Japanese ディープスペース

Romaji Dīpu Supēsu
Games Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

Allies Experiment 626
Origin Lilo & Stitch (2002)
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KHBBS tracks
Field theme - Hau'oli, Hau'oli!
Battle theme - Mkaukau?
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Deep Space is a world that appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep based on Disney's Lilo & Stitch. It consists of an enormous United Galactic Federation ship patrolling interspace, and the prison on planet Turo which detains the dangerous Experiment 626 and his creator, Dr. Jumba Jookiba.


Pleakley's model in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

Pleakley from the original Lilo & Stitch movie was set to make an appearance in Deep Space, but was removed for unknown reasons. His model is still in the game data, albeit without textures.

Settings and Areas[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

The Turo Prison Block.

The main Control Room (コントロールルーム Kontorōru Rūmu?) is where the ship is piloted from, and has an east corridor and another to the west. Going east leads to the Ship Corridor (船内通路 Sennai Tsūro?), a circular hallway with several gates throughout. In this hallway, Ventus and Aqua follow the corridor to Durgon Transporter (宇宙船:転送室 Uchūsen: Tensō-shitsu?, lit. "Spacecraft: Transfer Chamber"), but Terra follows a separate section to the Containment Pod (拘束室 Kōsoku-shitsu?, lit. "Restraint Chamber"), where Stitch is original kept prisoner. Using the Durgon Transporter leads to the Turo Transporter (トゥーロ星:転送室 Tūro Hoshi: Tensō-shitsu?, lit. "Planet Turo: Transfer Chamber"), which heads to the jail unit called the Turo Prison Block (トゥーロ星:収容区画 Tūro Hoshi: Shūyō Kukaku?, lit. "Planet Turo: Housing Block").

West from the Control Room is the Ship Hub (接続区画 Setsuzoku Kukaku?, lit. "Connection Block"), a long, purple, and vertical shaft containing a pair of machines that can decrease the gravity inside the area. Climbing to the top of the shaft leads to the Launch Deck (出撃デッキ Shutsugeki Dekki?, lit. "Sortie Deck"), where another one of these machines can be found, along with a pair of turrets that'll attack any trespassers. Going into the tunnel across the room leads to the Machinery Bay Access (機関室入口 Kikan-shitsu Iriguchi?, lit. "Engine Room Entrance"), a tiny room leading further to the Machinery Bay (機関室 Kikan-shitsu?, lit. "Engine Room"), accessible only by Ventus. The Machinery Bay is a large round room, with an energy core at the center, with three bridges springing out of it above. The Launch Deck has another exit through a purple chamber, which leads to the Ship Exterior (船体外壁 Sentai Gaiheki?, lit. "Hull Exterior"). Traversing the Ship Exterior can only be done via the Keyblade Glider and leads back to the Durgon Transporter, making the world somewhat circular in nature.

Area Map in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep



Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Terra is the first person to appear in this world. After fighting a swarm of Unversed in space, he is swept onboard the Federation ship. He is placed, unconscious, in a prison cell and is visited by Captain Gantu and the Grand Councilwoman. He wakes up to a swarm of Unversed attacking the prison, breaks free, and fights the Unversed. He meets Dr. Jumba Jookiba who convinces him to unlock his cell so they can find Experiment 626, who is imprisoned somewhere on the ship. When they find him and release him, Experiment 626 snatches Terra's Wayfinder. When Terra refers to it as his bond with his friends, Experiment 626 drops it and runs, to Jumba's surprise. To demonstrate that his experiments do not have hearts, Jumba activates Experiment 221 to fight Terra. After the fight, Experiment 221 becomes deactivated and Experiment 626 returns. Terra talks to Experiment 626 about friendship before alarms go off. Experiment 626 and Jumba run off while Terra leaves the world.

Aqua is the second person to arrive in this world. After fighting a group of Unversed as soon as she boards the ship, she meets Experiment 626, who runs off. She then meets Gantu, who brings her before the Grand Councilwoman, who charges Aqua with destroying the Unversed on the ship and locating Jumba and Experiment 626. Aqua soon finds Experiment 626 and fights Unversed alongside him. Experiment 626 runs off again, and the Grand Councilwoman directs Aqua to the departure bays to capture Jumba and Experiment 626. When she finds them, she learns that Experiment 626 made a charm to copy Terra's charm. Gantu appears and attempts to destroy the three of them. Aqua and Experiment 626 fight Gantu for their freedom. After their victory, the Grand Councilwoman thanks Aqua for a job well done, and demotes Gantu. As she escorts Experiment 626 and Jumba away, Aqua then asks her to consider sparing Experiment 626's life. Before leaving, Aqua asks Experiment 626 to add her and her friends to his "bond".

Ventus is the last person to arrive in this world. He arrives on the ship after chasing a giant Unversed. He is confronted by Gantu, who runs off when the Unversed attacks the ship's engines. Ventus then meets an escaped Experiment 626 and learns that he has met Terra and Aqua. Ventus and Experiment 626 battle the giant Unversed attacking the ship. Gantu eventually finds them and plans to arrest Ventus with Experiment 626, but they escape the ship, Experiment 626 in a red cruiser and Ventus on his Keyblade. Experiment 626 accidentally activates his craft's hyperdrive, and Ven is blasted off by his Keyblade as Experiment 626 disappears into space.

In the ending credits, Experiment 626 gets his Wayfinder and puts it on the steering wheel as he flies off toward a blue star.