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Ansem's Code

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Ansem the Wise enters the Ansem's Code into Sora.

Ansem's Code is a code Ansem the Wise hid inside Sora's heart, after Roxas returned to Sora and before Sora awakens.

One of the subjects inside the data is about the three compartmentalized "boxes" inside Sora, each one containing the heart of another person: one box holds Roxas's heart; another one holds Xion's heart, and the third one, which has been with Sora for a much longer time, holds Ventus's heart. These three hearts have melded with Sora's and no longer have voices of their own; as such, attempting to manually extract them from Sora's heart can be just as deadly as becoming a Heartless.[1][2]

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Ienzo: "As for Ansem the Wise's data, we've discovered a very interesting passage. I'll read you exactly what he wrote. "I have discovered three unique hearts inside of Sora's. One is Roxas. The second has been with Sora for nearly as long. And a third has resided in Sora's heart for even longer—most of his life, in fact. This is a truly astonishing discovery. While these hearts have now melded with Sora—grown silent and indistinct—Sora retains the memories of all three. The memories have been compartmentalized—each placed in its own 'box,' so to speak. I surmise the hearts can be awoken, provided that each of them is returned to the box that contains the correct memories. Unite the heart with its memories, and provide it a suitable body within which it may flourish, and I believe any or all three of these people can be made real again.""
  2. ^ Kingdom Hearts III, Secret Report 9: "Within Sora's heart are three compartmentalized "boxes," each containing the heart of another. One box holds Roxas. Another holds a second heart that has been with Sora nearly as long. The third has held its heart for much longer. These hearts have melded with Sora's and no longer have voices of their own. Any attempt to mechanically extract them could prove as dire for Sora as what caused him to become a Heartless in the first place."