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New Seven Hearts

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We'll go together.
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The New Seven Hearts (ニューセブンハート Nyū Sebun Hāto?) are the new hosts of the pure lights in the Princesses of Heart, who, with the exception of Kairi, passed on their power shortly after they were used to reveal the Final Keyhole. The real Organization XIII planned to use the New Seven Hearts as backup for the creation of the χ-blade in case the Seven Guardians of Light could not find all of their members.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Initially, Marluxia viewed Mother Gothel as a crucial guardian of Rapunzel, one of the New Seven Hearts. After Rapunzel ran away from home, Marluxia conspired with Mother Gothel to persuade her to come back to her tower, where she would be locked away until the Organization found use for her. Eventually, Mother Gothel's abusive and manipulative personality posed a threat to Marluxia's ideal to protecting Rapunzel, prompting him to turn her into the Grim Guardianess Heartless before her lingering darkness could threaten Rapunzel further.

After Elsa's ice palace was constructed, Larxene expressed an interest in Elsa being one of the New Seven Hearts. Larxene later questions if Elsa might possibly rely of darkness as well.

After saving Elsa from being killed by Hans, Anna was frozen to solid ice due to Elsa's ice magic earlier. Because the sacrifice was an act of "true love", Anna recovered from the frozen curse and was able to reconcile with Elsa. Larxene views this sacrificial act as a possibility of two Princesses of Heart within a same world, as Elsa and Anna brim with sisterly love.

Known Hearts[edit]