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Official render for Hades in Kingdom Hearts III

Japanese ハデス
Rōmaji Hadesu
Voice actors (Ja:) Kyūsaku Shimada
(En:) James Woods
Homeworld Underworld
Olympus Coliseum
Origin Hercules
Games Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts coded
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Kingdom Hearts χ
Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

Kingdom Hearts
First entry
Lord of the Underworld. He's using the Heartless to try and take over the world. To get Hercules and Sora out of the way, he sent Cloud to fight them in the Coliseum.
He heated things up in "Hercules" (1997).

Second entry
Lord of the Underworld. He's using the Heartless to try to take over the world. Hades wants Herc and Sora out of the way, but all his schemes against Sora and the others seem to end in failure.
He heated things up in "Hercules" (1997).
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Sora's Story
Ruler of the Underworld.
Hades can't stand Hercules. He tricked Cloud into challenging Hercules to the death, but we put an end to his plotting.

God of the Underworld who seeks to rule over all.
Hades appeared before Riku as a token of the indelible darkness in his heart.
Kingdom Hearts II
Hercules (1997)
Lord of the Underworld.
The last time Sora and his friends tangled with Hades, he was using the Heartless to try to take over the world. Together with Hercules, the three friends put a stop to his plans. But Hades is as evil as ever, and won't rest until he sends Hercules to the Underworld—for eternity.
Kingdom Hearts coded
The God of the Underworld, a former (and still aspiring!) world conqueror who would like nothing more than to see Hercules wiped off the face of the planet.
With the Coliseum a tangle of bugs and Cloud a tangle of emotional issues, he ought to have found a way, but Sora showed up just in time to show HIM up, and prove once again that sliminess doesn't pay.
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Hercules (1997)
God of the Underworld. He is scheming to overthrow Zeus, ruler of Olympus, and take over the world.
Hades would like nothing better than to find a powerful mortal he can fast-talk into helping him achieve his ambitions.
Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Story Quest
The ruler of the Underworld. He boosts his defenses on his second turn, so wait until it wears off or counter it with your own special attacks to put out his fire.

Hercules (1997)
Lord of the Underworld. He seeks to rule over all.
Kingdom Hearts III
Hercules (1997)

God of the Underworld. Undaunted by all the losses he suffered at Hercules' hands, he revived the Titans and tried to use them to overthrow Zeus and chaim Olympus as his own.
"Did you forget who you're talking to? I am the Lord of the Dead!"
—Hades to Auron

Hades is an antagonist from the Kingdom Hearts series, originally from the 1997 Disney animated feature Hercules. He is the Lord of the Dead and the ruler of the Underworld. Hot-headed literally and emotionally, he will stop at nothing to see the end of Hercules.


Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

Hades sets up a tournament, hiding that the prize is a "one-way trip to the Underworld". After Cloud defeats Hercules, Hades attempts to take the hero to Underworld, but is stopped by Player. Angered that he cannot claim a soul, Hades is surprised when Cloud offers to go with him (in the hopes that he can find Sephiroth down there). When they arrive, however, Cloud takes his leave to find his old enemy, leaving an infuriated Hades behind. Player finds him, and Hades decides to recruit Player as his new agent of darkness. He gives Player the task of reaching his chamber alive as a first test. Once Player succeeds, Hades tasks them with clearing out the Heartless in the Underworld.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Displeased with there being no good warriors that could do his bidding at the coliseum, Hades is surprised to find Terra; finding him powerful and gullible, Hades convinces him that combat experience would help him master darkness. Seeing him not relying on it, Hades uses darkness to make Zack his puppet; however Terra frees Zack, disappointing Hades that neither was good enough.

Keeping tabs on the Games, Hades waited until the East Division's last match was over to find the winner. However, he was disappointed a "little bluebird" named Aqua was the winner. After insulting Terra, Hades faces off against Aqua with the Ice Colossus in the West vs East title match. However, the "snowcone" evaporates due to being an inferior copy, prompting Hades to leave in a rage and let Aqua win by default.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Hades faces off against Sora, Donald, and Goofy in the Hades Cup.

When Maleficent began her conquest of the worlds, Hades became one of her allies in her ring of villains. He utilized the Heartless by supplying them as monsters to the Olympus Coliseum, for heroes to battle as usual. However, he also gained the assistance of Cloud by promising to lead him to Sephiroth if he will kill Hercules.

When Sora arrives at Olympus Coliseum and is rebuffed by Phil, Hades provides him with a pass to enter the games, but when Sora starts winning the tournament, Hades instructs Cloud to kill Sora as well. When Cloud fails to kill Sora, Hades has Cerberus attack Cloud, but Hercules rescues Cloud while Sora defeats Cerberus. As Sora leaves the Coliseum, an infuriated Hades vents his frustration and makes plans for his next scheme, shooing away Maleficent when she comes to check on him.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the series.
If Sora defeats Maleficent in Hollow Bastion before defeating Cerberus, the scene ends with Hades' anger and Maleficent will not show up.

Later, Hades and Riku converse about Jafar's chances against Sora; Hades states his belief that the vizier might have triumphed if Riku had been there to support him. Maleficent warns Hades not to be overcome by the darkness, but Hades waves Maleficent away, claiming he can handle it and tells Riku that he's got a special surprise for him.

After being defeated in the Hades Cup, Hades is confronted by an angry unseen force. When Sora, Donald, and Goofy win the Hades Cup, Donald puts out Hades's hair with a Blizzard spell.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

When Sora and his friends are in Castle Oblivion, Hades appears as a figment of Sora's memories. He hires Cloud to defeat Hercules, and Hades promises to restore Cloud's lost memories in exchange. When Cloud is unable to defeat Hercules, Hades decides to fight Hercules personally. Sora intervenes and defeats him.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Hades becomes furious at Pete's meddling.

One year later, Hades resurrects Auron in the Underworld and offers him his life back if he kills Hercules. When Auron refuses this offer, Hades becomes enraged, and almost strikes Auron down until Sora and company arrive, needing to speak to him. However, Sora and the others quickly retreat, as Hades is invincible within his domain and they are weakened by the Underworld's curse.

Pete suggests waiting for the Heartless to take care of Sora and company, but Hades dispatches Cerberus to take care of them instead. However, Sora and Auron defeats Cerberus and escapes when Sora unlocks a door with the Keyblade. Learning that the Keyblade can open any lock, Hades decides to steal it and reopen the Underdrome, a coliseum locked up by Zeus long ago. After Pete informs him that only Sora can wield Keyblade, Hades kidnaps Megara and traps her in the Underdrome, knowing that Sora must use the Keyblade to rescue her and unseal the Underdrome in the process. Additionally, Hades sent a Hydra after Hercules to prevent him from interfering and had Pete on standby to ambush Sora once he enters the Underdome. However, Sora is able to save Meg with Hercules's help. At the exit of the Underworld, Hades confronts them and reminds Hercules about the Hydra which he had neglected to finish off completely. They enter the Coliseum to see it in ruins with the Hydra towering over it. The Hydra is defeated, but Hercules lost his strength and will, because of the guilt that he had since he had not completely destroyed the Hydra.

Hades threatens to drop Meg into the River Styx.

To celebrate the Underdrome re-opening, Hades decides to hold the Hades Cup, in the hopes of killing the weakened Hercules once again. Trapping Auron's soul in a statue, he orders him to take care of Hercules and Sora. Inevitably, the scheme fails, as Sora finds Auron's statue and gave him back his soul. A furious Hades dumps Meg into the River Styx with Hercules diving after her. Confident they will be dead within moments, Hades overpowers Sora and his allies until Hercules emerges, his full power restored by willing to risk his life to save Meg. Hades is defeated and, while attempting to avoid a hit from Sora, loses his footing and falls down into the River Styx. Despite this, Hades manages to escape, though he doesn't appear to cause Hercules and company much trouble after that.

Later on, Hades opens his Paradox tournaments. After Sora wins the Hades Paradox Cup, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Hercules, and Auron celebrate with the trophy while Hades looks at them furiously, only to be kicked by Pegasus, which sends him flying across the Underdome.

Kingdom Hearts coded[edit]

Within in the Datascape, a data version of Hades makes a deal with the Data-Cloud: if Data-Cloud destroys Data-Sora and Data-Hercules, Data-Hades will give him the power to go to other worlds by telling him "The Secret of Heroes", and make him become stronger. However, he later double crosses Data-Cloud and reveals that he isn't the source of Olympus Coliseum's Bug Blox. After the defeat of the Data-Cerberus, the real source of the world's Bug Blox, Data-Hades battles the trio of data heroes.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Maleficent asking Hades about a black box.
Maleficent and Pete asking Hades if he knows of a black box.

Frustrated with the lack of progress with his plans to take over Olympus by using Terra, Cloud, and Auron, Hades decides to free the Rock Titan, Ice Titan, Tornado Titan, and Lava Titan from their prisons. Hades attacks Thebes to keep Hercules busy, allowing him to ascend Mount Olympus with the Titans unimpeded. However, to his surprise, Hades hears someone yelling for Hercules and finds that Sora, Donald, and Goofy have arrived. After they taunt him about his failures, Hades calls upon the Titans to show them their power, creating a powerful gust that blows them to Thebes. To his annoyance, Maleficent and Pete arrive next, and he flatly dismisses them. However, Maleficent tells him that she is only there to find out if there is a distinctive black box in his world. Hades thinks they mean Pandora's Box and tells them that it is buried in the gardens in Thebes.

At Mount Olympus, Hades watch the Lava and Ice Titans imprison Zeus in cooled molten rock. However, Hercules, Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrive, having bested the Rock Titan on the way up. Hades orders the Titans to attack his foes, who barely manage to damage them. However, Hercules manages to free Zeus, whose thunderbolts harm the Titans enough to make them flee. Hercules uses the Tornado Titan to suck up the other three and tosses them out into space, where they explode. Hades attempts to retaliate but is mocked by Sora, Donald, and Goofy before Hercules punches Hades for ruining Thebes. Retreating, Hades threatens to dump Meg in the Styx as payback, but Zeus tosses a thunderbolt at Hades to shut him up.


A reddish-orange Hades as he appears when he gets mad.

In his normal state, Hades has blue skin and blue flaming "hair". His eyes are completely yellow except for his black pupils. He has very sharp teeth and an unnatural black mouth. His face is quite long and thin, with his chin jutting out curtly. His fingers are long, thin, and clawed. He wears what appears to be a dark grey shirt underneath a black toga, the latter of which seems to be held up by a small skull pin on his right shoulder. Hades's feet are never visible, due to the length of his robes.

When Hades gets mad, he quite literally erupts with outrage; his skin turns a reddish-orange and his hair flares up in a bevy of glowing flames.

In Kingdom Hearts III, the end of his robe is covered by a dark cloud, like in the original film.


"What is so funny, you imbeciles? How dare you get a happy ending? How dare you?"
—Hades, after Hercules rescued Meg

Hades is one of the most hot-tempered characters in the series. Although others are shown to be temperamental, Hades bursts out in fury on a more regular basis. When Hades gets mad, he explodes into a red pillar of fire and his normal blue colored "hair" burns red (which is ironic since blue fire is warmer than red fire).

Hades is also shown to be very devious and smooth when he remains calm and tends to talk a lot; for instance, when he tricked Sora into opening the Underdrome to rescue Meg. He also shows this trait when he talks to Hercules, most of the time giving indirect answers and eerie hints that typically lead Hercules to danger. Also, unlike other Disney antagonists, Hades never seems to fib directly, instead never telling the whole truth of the matter. He possesses a biting, dry wit, and has a habit of making both subtle and overt verbal jabs at those around him. Hades also has credulous tendencies, like blocking his ears with his fingers and pretending he doesn't hear Sora when he tries to talk to him. He confessed that he has the ambition to rule the world in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Due to his numerous defeats by Sora and Hercules, Hades seems to have become increasingly unstable (almost to the point of being bipolar). In Kingdom Hearts III, he shows considerable calmness (be it aggravation or self-assurance) and extreme outrage upon seeing that his plans were falling apart one more time. After his last defeat, he appears to have lost all hope of ever conquering the cosmos, but he remains incredibly petty; he threatened to toss Meg into the Styx again, only to get hit by Zeus's bolt.


Main article: Game:Hades

Hades is the most forceful recurring boss in the Kingdom Hearts series who always makes heavy use of Fire elemental magic in his encounters. The Lord of the Dead has high amounts of HP, and can even become invulnerable for short periods of time. In the first Kingdom Hearts, Hades is fought only in the final rounds of the Hades Cup. In Kingdom Hearts II, he is fought not only as a scripted boss but also in the Hades Paradox Cup.


Image of Hades from the Disney film: Hercules
Hades in Hercules.
"Name's Hades, Lord of the Dead. Hi, how ya doin'?"

Hades originates from the Disney 1997 film Hercules, based on the god of the dead from Greek myth. While the Greek version of this deity has a humanoid depiction and is, for the most part, a relatively passive but unmerciful deity, the Disney version is depicted as an evil, satanic god with a hatred for his brother Zeus, jealous of being assigned to the Underworld while the Sky God became ruler of Olympus. Both versions of Hades also have a series of demonic beasts at their disposal, and reign supreme over the souls of the dead. Believers in the Grecian Hades would show their devotion to their god by going as far as to bang on the ground to ensure he was listening to their prayers. Major differences between these two depictions of Hades are that the Disney Hades is trying to overthrow Zeus, has an affiliation with fire, and is served by the demons Pain and Panic, qualities that were actually associated with Alcyoneus, Hephaestus, and Ares, respectively, in the original mythology.

In the Disney film, Hades crashes an infant Hercules's party, only to return to the Underworld and learn from the Fates that the boy would be the only thing that stood in the way of the Lord of the Dead's stealing his brother Zeus's job as Ruler of the Gods. He later had sidekicks Pain and Panic kidnap the baby and turn him mortal so that he could be killed, the dark god plotting while Hercules aged. Hades eventually found a girl named Megara in his ownership, using her to lure Hercules into his traps once he learned the hero had lived. Hades succeeded in freeing the Titans and taking over Olympus as prophesied eighteen years ago, yet he was defeated at Hercules's hand. The god was then sent tumbling into the River Styx.