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Japanese デミックス
Rōmaji Demikkusu

Type Organization XIII
Title Number IX,
The Melodious Nocturne
Orig. name Unknown
Attribute Water ( Mizu?)
Weapon Sitar (Arpeggio)
Limit Wave Gigs
Voice actors (Ja:) Kenichi Suzumura
(En:) Ryan O'Donohue
Games Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts II
First entry
Organization XIII's Number IX.
Organization members all wear black coats, and it's said their numbers were assigned in the order they joined. In addition, their names share something as a mark of their brotherhood.

Second entry
Organization XIII's Number IX.
He was surveying the world of Olympus, and even swiped the Olympus Stone. He's a lousy fighter.
Demyx called Sora "Roxas."

Third entry
Organization XIII's Number IX. He used a type of instrument called a "sitar" to control water...but he wasn't very good at fighting.
Demyx was under orders to "liberate Sora's true disposition" while surveying the world of Olympus.
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Prefers to kick back with his sitar, and leave the dirty work to the water under his command.
Weapon: Sitar

HD 1.5 ReMIX
A member of Organization XIII. His easy-go-lucky personality is uncharacteristic of an Organization member. He can control water by playing his sitar, but is aware that he is unfit as a fighter.
Kingdom Hearts Union χ
The 9th member of Organization XIII. He uses an instrument called a "sitar" to control water.

This Melodious Nocturne has lots of defense and the ability to dispel status effects. Equip skills to boost your strength, and don't forget to keep an eye on the countdown.
Kingdom Hearts III
A reserve member of the real Organization XIII.

Despite his destruction at Sora's hands, Demyx has returned. He spends most of his time tuning his sitar, and his demeanor makes it extremely difficult to believe he's part of anything untoward.
"Oh, we do too have hearts! Don't be mad..."
—Demyx to Sora

Demyx, the Melodious Nocturne (夜想のしらべ Yasō no Shirabe?, lit. Nocturnal Melody), is Rank IX within the original Organization XIII and a reserve member of the real Organization XIII. He controls water, and uses his weapon, the sitar, as a musical instrument to make water fight for him in battle. He commands the Dancer Nobodies.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Demyx plays a minor role where he is tasked with tracking down Sora to liberate Roxas's "true disposition". Although he dislikes fighting, he is directed to use "aggression" against Sora and his companions to bring out Roxas.

In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Demyx appears and is also a playable character in Mission Mode.


Between Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

On an unknown world, Demyx's original persona became a Heartless, his strong will allowing his body to continue on as his Nobody, Demyx. He was later located and inducted into Organization XIII as its ninth member, due to his connection to the ancient Keyblade War.[1]

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

Demyx aids Roxas in taking down an Aerial Master.

Demyx is present when Xion joins the Organization. Axel and Roxas often tease Demyx behind his back while eating sea-salt ice cream at Station Plaza after missions, quoting how he doesn't have talent, would be "upset" if he lost his sitar, and many other things. Demyx is the first to mention the annihilation of Organization members at Castle Oblivion. Demyx accompanies Roxas on several missions, including one to Olympus Coliseum, where they take down a Flare Note, and one to Halloween Town, where they tackle a Dual Blade. On missions to Olympus Coliseum, he tricks Roxas into thinking he will handle Heartless outside the of the Coliseum, while the gullible boy undergoes training with Phil.

Demyx enjoys picking on Xion with Xigbar, and is seen playing his sitar on one of the couches in the Grey Area before many of Roxas's missions. When Roxas approaches Demyx, he willingly admits that he "isn't cut out for combat" and would rather perform recon. He is shocked to learn of Xion's true nature when Xemnas describes the Replica Program to the Organization.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the series.
In the manga adaption, in one of the early chapters, he is seen playing a prank on Axel, where he puts a whoopee cushion on Axel's seat. Saïx often berates Demyx for his terrible mission reports.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Demyx reviews his mission orders.

Demyx appears alongside Xemnas, Saïx, Xigbar, Luxord, and Xaldin at Hollow Bastion, and laughs emptily with the rest of the group at Xemnas's empty humor at Sora's expense. Upon the Organization's return from Hollow Bastion, he suggests to let Sora carry out his adventures and that they will take action at the right time. Xigbar pretends to interpret Demyx's suggestion as him volunteering, while Demyx responds by acting flustered at this imposition. Xaldin chides both of them for acting as if they have emotions, then Xemnas interrupts all three of them by instructing the Organization to create powerful Heartless for Sora to slay.

On Xigbar's suggestion, he is sent to the Olympus Coliseum in order to find Sora and either push him along the path Organization XIII wish him to take, or try to awaken Roxas. Demyx contacts Hades for his assistance, but no deal was made and Demyx promptly flees, passing by Sora and company, and leaving them puzzled at his outburst. Later, Demyx steals the Olympus Stone, and re-encounters Sora, Goofy, and Donald within the Underworld. Demyx reads aloud his instructions and follows them by attacking a very confused Sora. However, he is unsuccessful and flees, leaving behind the Olympus Stone while begging "Roxas" to come back to the Organization, leaving Sora even more confused. He briefly returns to explain the nature of the Absent Silhouettes, remarking that by defeating the corresponding enemies, Roxas will "awaken" inside Sora.

At Hollow Bastion, Demyx drops his goofy facade and challenges the heroes to battle.

Later, during the Battle of the 1000 Heartless at Hollow Bastion, Demyx returns to obstruct Sora. He greets them in a faux cheerful manner, but when Sora and his friends respond by dismissing Demyx as weak, the Nobody warns them not to judge by appearances, and he drops the façade completely when Sora remarks that Nobodies lack hearts. Although he attacks the "traitor" with all his strength, he is defeated in the end and fatally wounded. As he laments his loss, he fades into darkness.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the series.
In the manga, instead of being sent to Hollow Bastion, Demyx is instructed to track down Kairi after she escapes the Soundless Prison. He locates her and pleads with her to return to her cell for his own sake, and she complies out of pity.

Demyx is unable to stay focused when Sora later infiltrates the castle, and in fondness for Roxas, feebly protests against Saïx's orders to execute Sora and his friends. Exasperated, Saïx gives him permission to do as he wishes—so he goes to hide in the castle's kitchen, where Sora's group runs into him anyway. Sora's complete disdain for Demyx and the Organization manages to infuriate him, and he attacks with a torrent of water—which Donald simply freezes, causing it to crush Demyx, extinguishing him.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

Xemnas persuaded Demyx to become a Nobody again, so he could become part of the real Organization XIII; however, this was merely to be a placeholder until a more adequate candidate could be recruited. With the induction of Dark Riku during Sora and Riku's Mark of Mastery Exam, Demyx was benched; being missing at Master Xehanort's revival.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Demyx presents Ienzo with the return of Ansem the Wise.

Following Larxene confirming two of the New Seven Hearts are in Arendelle, Demyx meets with Luxord, Marluxia, and Larxene in the Keyblade Graveyard, where he complains about having been benched. Xemnas arrives to inform the four that they were specifically recruited due to their ties to the time before the original Keyblade War.

Later, Vexen tracks Demyx down at Radiant Garden and tries to convince him to assist in subverting the Organization's plans, in order to atone for their prior misdeeds as Nobodies. Demyx counters that he and Vexen had no prior relationship, but Vexen explains that this is why Demyx is perfect for the role and that this is, in fact, part of Saïx's plan.

Pursuant to their plans, Demyx later delivers one of Vexen's replicas and Ansem the Wise, who Vexen had rescued, to Ienzo. Ansem and Ienzo then use this replica as a vessel for Roxas's digital memories. After Sora and Riku defeat Dark Riku and Xigbar in the Keyblade Graveyard, Demyx arrives on a mission from Ienzo to retrieve another replica vessel for Naminé. After showing Riku his Gummiphone that Ienzo gave him to prove he is on their side, Demyx takes the empty replica back to Radiant Garden.


Demyx wears a black cloak similar in style to Xigbar's, with somewhat close-fitting sleeves and pointed shoulder pads, though Demyx's shoulder pads are more noticeable than Xigbar's. His black gloves and boots are normal. He has green eyes and dirty-blond hair, the latter of which is quite distinctive. Demyx's hair has an odd mullet-like style, and he has several individual bangs that fall over his face. He is rather youthful in appearance when compared to most of the other members.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the series.
In the manga, unknown to Demyx, Saïx has installed tracking chips in Demyx's black coats in order to keep track of him. Axel makes the poor choice of stealing one to replace his damaged coat and shrinks it in the dryer to fit him.[citation needed]

In Kingdom Hearts III, Demyx's eyes become golden when he becomes a vessel for Xehanort's heart.

When viewing his character model in Jiminy's Journal, Demyx does not seem to blink, unlike the other Organization members.


Demyx is startled upon encountering Sora again.

As a Nobody, Demyx lacks a heart and is therefore incapable of feeling emotions. In spite of this, Demyx behaves as if he does possess a heart, an act which Xaldin criticizes him for. As a result, Demyx has a very casual and lazy disposition. He is also cowardly, running from many encounters, including ones with Hades and Sora; and in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, he claims that he finds Larxene quite frightening and also refuses to go searching for a giant Heartless alone.

Due to his very laid-back personality, Demyx is on good terms with both Axel and Xigbar, while calling Xigbar the nickname "Xiggy", and often converses with him in the Grey Area. Although Axel and Roxas talk about him behind his back, Axel defends him after Roxas comments that Demyx doesn't do anything, stating that Demyx specializes in recon.

Demyx harbors a strong dislike for Larxene, calling her a witch. The feeling is apparently mutual as she has referred to him as lazy and useless. When news gets back from Castle Oblivion, he seems to be glad that she has died, showing that even he can be a bit cruel and crass without a heart. He also dislikes Saïx, calling him "X-face" in one of his Secret Reports, saying that Saïx constantly barks at him to get to work. Day 153: This Is Gonna Be a Hit! However, he exhibits some care toward Xion compared to the other members who have no care for her at all, showing that he may be a bit kinder than them, although he thought it was "intense" when he found out that Xion was a "puppet".

Demyx seems to dislike working as much as he dislikes fighting; he even goes as far as manipulating Roxas, dumping his missions on the younger Nobody and going off to have fun. He complains that he isn't a fighter and even considers sweat gross, preferring to stay at The Castle That Never Was or at least be given a reconnaissance mission.[?] Despite this, he still feels a desire to belong and gets insulted when the other members acknowledge his incompetence, so when he is explicitly reduced to a reserve member of the second Organization, Vexen is able to convince him to join his plan to betray the Organization.[?]

When he is on missions that require him to engage opponents, Demyx has shown to go about them in a carefree manner. He takes his task of pursuing Sora lightly, reading his orders aloud off of cue cards and complaining about his distaste for fighting in front of the latter. His cries in battle after being hit are also more characteristic of "yelps" than those of the other members and are exclamations rather than reactions. Before his final battle against Sora, however, his true nature as an emotionless entity is revealed, proving that his easygoing, friendly attitude is but a deceptive façade. When he is defeated, however, he screams in agony and defeat, holding his head, and whimpers as he fades back into darkness.

In Kingdom Hearts III, Demyx's personality remains the same as he was before Sora defeated him. However, Demyx has become rather more sarcastic and dismissive in regards to his interactions with the other members of the real Organization XIII. He is not frightened or even fazed by Larxene's spiteful insults, a foil to his original fear of her. Despite his lazy demeanor, Demyx did show some annoyance at being "benched" and serving as a reserve member. After being convinced by a repentant Vexen, he was willing to work against Master Xehanort's plans, just to stand out and have his moment, which he calls "Demyx Time".


Main article: Game:Demyx

Demyx is portrayed as being weak, cowardly, and lazy, but proves to be no pushover in the battle with Sora. He can be a formidable foe due to his ability to summon water clones that must be defeated within a time limit. Demyx, being a musician, uses music to control the water around him and to summon "water forms", objects shaped out of water into musical notes or copies of himself, which move about the battle area to hit Sora, forcing him to defeat the forms in a certain amount of time to avoid an automatic loss. Demyx can also summon violent geysers to erupt from the ground, forming strong streams of water which damage Sora and throw him into the air. His sitar is rarely used as a weapon but is most often used to play his music instead. When Demyx does engage in physical combat, he attacks using the bladed headstock of his sitar, performing spinning and twirling movements reminiscent of a rockstar to strike his opponents, which he can also combine with his water powers to increase the area of effect. Demyx does little fighting by himself, instead relying on his control of water to make it fight for him.

In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Demyx has a Limit Break called Wave Gigs, which causes him to play his sitar to summon water pillars and, in his Final Limit, release exploding balls of water.


Demyx uses an enormous Sitar, named Arpeggio, a stringed Indian instrument similar to a lute or guitar, in battle (a reference to his fondness for music). The Sitar itself is shaped like the Nobody insignia, in varying shades of blue.

With it, he can cause water to take the form of people and musical notes, making them "dance" to his music. Although not very useful in the battle itself, it can cause some damage if swung at an enemy. He mostly uses its strings to control water and make it fight for him.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Kingdom Hearts III, Xemnas: "You four are going to reveal your greatest secret: the ancient Keyblade legacy that slumbers within you."