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Experiment 221

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Experiment 221

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Japanese 試作品221号
Rōmaji Shisakuhin 221-gō
Other names Sparky (スパーキー Supākī?)
Voice actors (Ja:) Wataru Takagi
(En:) Frank Welker
Homeworld Deep Space
Origin Stitch! The Movie
Game Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Experiment 221

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Experiment 221 (Sparky)
Stitch! The Movie (2003)

An alien created by Dr. Jumba through genetic experimentation.

His body stores an electric charge which he can use to shocking effect when threatened.

Usually, 221 stays in pod form, and only emerges when hydrated.

Experiment 221, alternatively known as Sparky, is a character that appears as a boss in Deep Space in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. He is one of Dr. Jumba's genetic experiments. His "primary function" is to short out electrical devices.


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

When Terra and Jumba reach the room where Experiment 626 is contained aboard the massive, galactic ship, Jumba tells Terra that Experiment 626 is evil and designed to destroy everything he encounters, but subsequently releases him. Experiment 626 then lunges at Terra and steals his Wayfinder, though he drops it and leaves the room after Terra pleads with him. Terra then questions whether Experiment 626 really is evil in nature. Having become livid at his experiment's evilness being questioned, Dr. Jumba assures Terra that he is incorrect by pulling out a small green ball and laughing hysterically as he drops it into a test tube of water. Experiment 221 emerges and attacks Terra. After a battle in the containment room, Terra defeats Experiment 221, which reverts to its pod form.


Experiment 221 is a short, squat, yellow extra-terrestrial, with massive blue eyes that shine on his wide head. On both sides of his head is a small ear. Long, forked antennae protrude from the inner sides of the eyes, and large, flat teeth lie in his blue mouth beneath his domed, yellow nose. Experiment 221's belly is white and has a short tail sticking out behind him.

The name "Experiment 221" is derived from his creation, as he is Dr. Jumba's 221st experimental creature.


Experiment 221 prefers to be left alone, and usually has to be provoked to use his electrical powers, also causing him to become quite angry. He longs to be free, and is otherwise harmless. Unlike Experiment 626, who would seem to have goals and a demeanor independent from Dr. Jumba's intentional design, Experiment 221's only goal to carry out his primary function at his creator's command.

Fighting style[edit]

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Experiment 221 is an agile fighter that uses speed and thunder attacks to deal massive damage. He can also manipulate objects, such as the blasters hanging from the ceiling, which he uses to fire a series of blasts at Terra.


Experiment 221 originates from the 2003 Disney film Stitch! The Movie (the pilot to the animated sequel spin-off Lilo & Stitch: The Series), in which he is a central character. In the original movie's spin-off, Experiment 221 is the first of the Jumba's other 625 experiments to be activated from pod form. He is activated by Lilo and Stitch, the latter being Experiment 626 under a different name. However, Experiment 221 goes on a rampage throughout the town, shorting out all electrical appliances in sight. Soon after, Lilo and Stitch manage to catch him at a hotel, and convince him to be good, instead of malicious, naming him "Sparky". Experiment 221 is then left in the old Lighthouse, providing the electricity needed to keep the light on, giving him a purpose and pleasing the experiment.

Just like Stitch, Lilo gives Experiment 221 a name of his own: Sparky.

Despite hailing from the setting of a Walt Disney animated film, Experiment 221 holds the honor of being the first character in the Kingdom Hearts series to originate from a spin-off rather than the original movie itself, as Experiment 221's movie of origin is a direct-to-video sequel to the original Lilo & Stitch film.