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Magic Cards (マジックカード/魔法カード Majikku Kādo/Mahō Kādo?) are a type of Card in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. Magic Cards have blue borders, and allow Sora to perform Magic spells. The seven Magic Cards represent the seven spells Sora learns in Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories adds two Magic Cards that are exclusive to the Bumble-Rumble mini-game.

Combining two or three of the same Magic Cards allows Sora to use a more powerful version of that spell. Specific or random Magic Cards are also required for most Magic Sleights, as well as some Summon Sleights or Friend Sleights.

Certain bosses also use Magic Cards, which show their face rather than a spell.

List of Magic Cards[edit]

Card Obtained Description
Fire card from COMFire (card).png
Defeat Axel on the 1st floor of Castle Oblivion. Magic that deals fire damage. Stock two cards for Fira and three cards for Firaga.
Blizzard card from COMBlizzard (card).png
Available from the beginning.[KH CoM]
Break the barrel in Traverse Town's Unknown Room.[KH Re:CoM]
Magic that deals ice damage. Stock two cards for Blizzara and three cards for Blizzaga.
Thunder card from COMThunder (card).png
Defeat Larxene on the 6th floor of Castle Oblivion. Magic that deals lightning damage. Stock two cards for Thundara and three cards for Thundaga.
Cure card from COMCure (card).png
Available from the beginning. Magic that restores HP. Stock two cards for Cura and three cards for Curaga.
Gravity card from COMGravity (card).png
Agrabah Bounty Magic that deals damage relative to the enemies' remaining HP. Stock two cards for Gravira and three cards for Graviga.
Stop card from COMStop (card).png
Wonderland Bounty Magic that halts enemy movement for a set time period. Stock two cards for Stopra and three cards for Stopga.
Aero card from COMAero (card).png
Defeat Riku on the 7th floor of Castle Oblivion. Magic that blows away nearby enemies and inflicts damage. Stock two cards for Aerora and three cards for Aeroga.

Bumble-Rumble Magic Cards[edit]

Card Location Description
Wind (card).png
Bumble-Rumble[KH Re:CoM] A gust of wind blows bees away.
Honey (card).png
Bumble-Rumble[KH Re:CoM] Cover Pooh with a honeypot to gradually restore the honey gauge.

Boss Magic Cards[edit]

Card Technique Description
Hades magic card from original CoMHades - M (card).png
Fira Shot (ファイラショット
Faira Shotto
Only used when blue. Hades causes a small explosion in front of him, like shooting a pistol.[KH CoM]
Only used when blue. Hades shoots a flame from his right hands, causing an explosion at Sora or Riku's location.[KH Re:CoM]
Flamethrower (火炎放射
Kaen Hōsha
Only used when red. Hades moved forward or backward while emitting flames from both hands. Can hit multiple times.[KH CoM]
Only used when blue. Hades chases Sora or Riku while emitting flames from both hands. Can hit up to 5 times.[KH Re:CoM]
Captain Hook magic card from original CoMCaptain Hook - M (card).png
Captain Hook
Present Bomb (プレゼント爆弾
Purezento Bakudan
Hook throws a bomb shaped like a present. The bomb bounces toward the opponent, and explodes when it gets close.[KH CoM]
Hook throws 5 bombs disguised as presents. The bombs explode when coming into contact with anything.[KH Re:CoM]
Larxene magic card from original CoMLarxene - M (card).png
Thundara (サンダラ
Used when Larxene has a lot of HP. Larxene summons multiple lightning strikes at Sora's location.[KH CoM]
Larxene summons multiple lightning strikes at Sora's location. Difficult to dodge.[KH Re:CoM]
Angry Rush (アングリーラッシュ
Angurī Rasshu
[KH CoM]
Used when Larxene's HP is low. Larxene strikes four times before summoning a thunderbolt. The attack stops if Larxene misses or the attack is negated.
Vexen magic card from original CoMVexen - M (card).png
Blizzara (ブリザラ
Vexen emits cold air that flies in a parabolic curve. When the cold air hits a target or the ground, it turns into crystal.[KH CoM]
Vexen fires a homing ice bullet from his right hand. Can be avoided by dodging towards Vexen the moment he fires.[KH Re:CoM]
Marluxia attack card from original CoMMarluxia - M (card).png
Circle Reject (サークルリジェクト
Sākuru Rijekuto
Marluxia strikes the ground with his scythe, generating a shockwave around it.[KH CoM]
Summons three tornadoes that chase Sora. When Sora gets hit by a tornado, he gets lifted in the air while taking damage, and Marluxia attacks with his scythe.[KH Re:CoM]
Lexaeus magic card from original CoMLexaeus - M (card).png
Impact Quake (インパクトクエイク
Inpakuto Kueiku
[KH CoM]
Lexaeus slams his axe sword down, creating a shockwave and titling the arena.
Tomahawk Shot (トマホークショット
Tomahōku Shotto
[KH Re:CoM]
Lexaeus throws his axe sword. It will perform a U-turn at the edge of the arena. It can hit up to 2 times.
Charge (チャージ
[KH Re:CoM]
Used at long range. Lexaeus powers himself up. If he has stocked any cards, they will be removed.
Zexion - M (card).png
Magnet Snatch (マグネスナッチ
Magune Sunatchi
[KH Re:CoM]
Zexion fires a magnetic projectile from his Lexicon. When it hits Riku, the top 3 Attack Cards from his deck are stolen.
Ansem magic card from original CoMAnsem - M (card).png
Dark Blow (ダークブロウ
Dāku Burou
[KH CoM]
Has the guardian attack with a dark-charged fist.
Racing Shockwave (地走り衝撃波
Jibashiri Shougekiha
[KH Re:CoM]
Has the guardian hurl shockwaves at Riku along the ground.

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