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Dead Ringer

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Dead Ringer

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Katakana 幻惑せし者

Romaji Genwakuseshisha
Japanese Bewitcher
Arena Level 5
Rounds 5
Medals 120
Bonus Challenge Tough as Nails
Heal 3 times or less.
Medal Bonus Medals x1.5

Rewards Terra: Darkgnaw
Ventus: Max HP+5
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Dead Ringer is the fifth battle featured at the Mirage Arena in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.


There are three rounds of normal Unversed, after which, the player will face off against the Mimic Master, an Unversed only accessible in the Mirage Arena.

The Mimic Master utilizes a large book, with which it can hit the player for shockwave damage, or use to create a shield of pages around itself. It can cloak itself in fire, and travel round the room to hurt the player. It can shoot beams of light and darkness. However, the most annoying of all its abilities is its power to morph itself into an exact copy of the player, which uses dark attacks as well as the player's own.

Despite the Mimic Master's wide array of attacks, it is not a hard boss. It leaves many open spots, and its attacks, on the whole, are rather weak. Use Shotlock commands such as Absolute Zero and Photon Charge to get in as many hits as possible before switching to strong magic commands or long range (and fast) physical commands like Sonic Blade or Zantetsuken. It may be a good idea to get hit by its Fire attack, because unlike the Iron Imprisoners, it does minimal damage, and will stop soon after the player takes damage, and so the battle can progress quickly.

The most difficult part comes later on when it creates dozens of copies of your character. The best way to handle this is to just Shotlock and try not to get blinded by their array of dark commands. This battle is not a hard one, but be sure to come prepared with a Curaga and advanced magic commands.