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Dr. Jumba

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Dr. Jumba Jookiba

Jumba Jookiba KHBBS.png

Japanese ジャンバ・ジュキューバ博士
Rōmaji Janba Jukyūba-hakase
Voice actors (Ja:) Shōzō Iizuka
(En:) David Ogden Stiers
Homeworld Deep Space
Origin Lilo & Stitch
Game Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Dr. Jumba Jookiba

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Lilo and Stitch (2002)

A self-proclaimed "evil genius." He was imprisoned for illegal genetic experimentation to make the mightiest creature in the galaxy: Experiment 626, whose only instinct is to destroy everything he touches.

He keeps his other creations besides 626 close at hand, in pod form. (T)

Dr. Jumba made a brief escape, but is back in custody now. (A)
Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Lilo and Stitch (2002)
A self-proclaimed "evil genius" who created Stitch.
"Everyone always get antsy in pantses when somebody more powerful is in the neighborhood. You understand, perhaps?"
—Dr. Jumba to Terra

Dr. Jumba Jookiba[1] is a resident of Deep Space. The creator of Experiment 626 and Experiment 221, he makes his Kingdom Hearts debut in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. A self-proclaimed "evil genius," he is arrested for illegal genetic experimentation and now serves time in a cell within the Turo Prison Block.


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

While serving time for illegal genetic experimentation in a cell within the Turo Prison Block, Jumba witnesses Terra fight off several Unversed. He persuades the Keyblade wielder to release him so that the two may rescue a "constructive" creature of his creation called "Experiment 626." Terra agrees, and the two set off to find 626 together. When they finally find the small extraterrestrial encased in a pod within the Confinement Room, Jumba sets him free and reveals that he is meant to be an evil and malevolent creature whose only instinct is to destroy everything he touches. 626 then rushes at Terra and steals his Wayfinder, the Keyblade wielder ordering him to return it because his "friend" gave it to him. Jumba later laughs off the idea that 626 could understand the concept of friendship, but he is greatly surprised when his creation drops the Wayfinder and scuttles off. Jumba finds Terra's theory that 626 isn't evil at all and merely craves friends impossible, and he gives him another demonstration of his "evil geniusness" by activating Experiment 221 for the Keyblade wielder to battle. Terra is victorious, and he and Jumba notice 626's return to the Confinement Room after 221 returns to pod form. Jumba watches Terra try to explain friendship to 626, but he angrily interferes with Terra's discussion, as things such as friendship would corrupt his creation's original purpose. He tells 626 that he needs to be fixed, but alarms begin to sound and an announcement is made that 626 and two prisoners have escaped. Terra flees Deep Space, leaving Jumba and 626 behind.

Aqua is the next to visit Deep Space, where she is taken by Captain Gantu before the Grand Councilwoman after destroying several Unversed. The Grand Councilwoman tells Aqua that the Unversed are getting in the way of the apprehension of Jumba and Experiment 626, and she asks the Keyblade wielder to destroy them and also make an attempt to capture Jumba and his experiment intact. Aqua agrees to do as asked and departs, much to Gantu's displeasure now that his duties have been assigned to a stranger. The Keyblade Master eventually finds the fugitives on the Launch Deck, where Jumba is attempting to recapture 626 so that he may fix him. Aqua stops Jumba and 626 and announces that she has been authorized to arrest them, and when 626 charges at her to reclaim the Wayfinder he had previously made and left behind in the Turo Prison Block, Jumba explains to Aqua that the reason his creation is familiar with the shape of the Wayfinder and its purpose is of his previous encounter with Terra. Jumba then goes on to complain to Aqua about the negative impact Terra has had on 626, but Gantu soon appears and attempts to put an end to both Jumba and his supposedly evil creation. Aqua teams up with 626 to battle Gantu, and upon their victory, the Grand Councilwoman arrives and apprehends the two fugitives.


Dr. Jumba is a large alien with dull purple skin on his dorsal side and pale pink skin on his ventral side. His head is rather bulbous, and he has a large nose and mouth. His proportionally small, floppy ears seem to be on the sides of his neck. Dr. Jumba has four eyes; two large eyes and two small eyes, all four of which have pale yellow sclera. He possesses three short, hair-like follicles on the top of his head, and he has four-fingered hands. His feet apparently lack toes. Because Dr. Jumba was imprisoned prior to Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, he wears a prison jumpsuit covered in horizontal dark and light blue stripes.


Dr. Jumba wishes to see his experiments' success and, through them, achieve glorification from others. It is his desire to be regarded as the evil genius he believes himself to be. However, Dr. Jumba becomes livid when he or his experiments are called a failure. He would rather tinker with objects around him than become physically active, hence the large exterior.


In the 2002 Disney film Lilo & Stitch, Jumba is brought before the Grand Council on Planet Turo, accused of illegal genetic experimentation. The Council is then presented with Jumba's latest creation, Experiment 626. The Grand Councilwoman dubs the creature a monster, and Jumba is consequently placed under arrest by Captain Gantu. Dr. Jumba is later sent to Earth to reclaim his escaped experiment, but he fails. Instead, Dr. Jumba finds a new Ohana in Hawaii with a little girl, Lilo, and her older sister, Nani.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Dr. Jumba Jookiba's surname is misspelled as "Jukiba" in the credits for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.