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How to Play Baseball

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How to Play Baseball is a Classic Kingdom mini-game in Kingdom Hearts III. In this game, Sora and Mickey play baseball against Pete's team.

Game Help[edit]

Hit the diamond and take on Pete's team!
Press Touch Pad to select the number of innings, then press Options to begin.

① Batting
Press X to swing. Time it just right so the ball travels past the other team's fielders!

② Pitching
Use Left/Right to choose a path, adjust the ball speed with Up/Down, and then press X to pitch. If you press D-Pad right before the pitch, you can throw curveballs and changeups.

If Pete's team gets a hit, use Left/Right to move Mickey and catch the ball!


This mini-game consists of two phases. Before the game starts, the number of innings can be selected, between 1, 3, 6, and 9 innings.

The first phase is the batting phase. Pete will throw the ball, and Sora can swing the bat with the "ACTION" button. The fence at the back has sections labeled 1B, 2B, and 3B, indicating the amount of bases one of Sora's team members may advance. The fence straight ahead show HR, which indicates a homerun.

If Pete throws a ball outside the "strike zone" and Sora does not swing his bat, it counts as a Ball (indicated with a B on the bottom-left of the screen). If Sora gets four Balls, one of Sora's team members is placed on first base. If Sora swings, but misses, or does not swing the bat at a ball inside the "strike zone", it counts as a Strike (indicated with an S). If Sora gets three Strikes, it counts as one Out (indicated by an O). If Sora hits the ball, but it hits one of Pete's players, it counts as an Out. When getting an Out, the number of Balls and Strikes is reset. Once Sora gets three Outs, the next phase starts.

In the second phase, it's Sora's turn to pitch. Sora can choose the path and speed of the ball with the "CONTROLLER" buttons, and throw with the "ACTION" button. The same scoring from the first phase applies to Pete. If Pete hits the ball, Mickey can move to catch it with the "CONTROLLER" buttons. Once Pete gets three Outs, the inning ends.

When Sora is ready to throw, an exclamation point appears beside his head. In this moment, he can perform one of three special throws. The first throw is activated by pressing the "CONTROLLER" buttons in a circle, and makes the ball fly in a circle before proceeding. The second throw is activated by pressing the left and right "CONTROLLER" buttons alternatively twice, and makes the ball zigzag. The third throw is activated by holding the up "CONTROLLER" button, and makes the ball slow down. Pete can also perform these special throws.

Each team can score a point by hitting a homerun, or having a team member reach home base.


How to Play Baseball is based on the Goofy short of the same name from 1942. In the short, Goofy shows how to play baseball.