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Light Cycle

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The Light Cycle mini-game in Kingdom Hearts II.

The Light Cycle (ライトサイクル Raito Saikuru?) is a mini-game in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance that is based on a game which appears in the 1982 movie Tron.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

After Goofy fiddles around with the computer in the holding cell in Space Paranoids, Sora is forced to participate in the Light Cycle races. Before the race starts, a Devastator blasts a hole in the wall, and so during the race, Sora battles off his Magnum Loader opponents to reach the exit.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

The Light Cycle mini-game in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

After getting captured by a Recognizer and meeting Sam Flynn, Riku is forced by CLU to play a round of Light Cycle. After derezzing numerous Guards, the Commantis appears, which Riku battles. The Dream Eater flees after its defeat, while a fed-up Riku blasts a heart-shaped hole in the stadium wall and escapes, eventually reuniting with Sam.

Other appearances[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II manga[edit]

A Light Cycle makes a cameo appearance while Sora and his friends look for a required piece of data that is necessary to turn on the power and escape, with Donald playing on it.


The Light Cycles in Space Paranoids are based on (and very similar to) the redesigned Light Cycles from the PC game, Tron 2.0. While the Light Cycles in the original film were shorter in length and had a canopy covering the rider, the one Sora rides is longer, with a "floating" front wheel and a design somewhat more reminiscent of real-world motorbikes. It also lacks the canopy of the original Light Cycles, leaving Sora exposed but able to attack enemies. Additionally, the ones ridden by the enemy team in the original film are blue; Tron, Flynn, and Ram ride yellow, orange, and red Light Cycles, respectively.

The Light Cycles in The Grid, on the other hand, are nearly identical to the ones in Tron: Legacy. Riku's Light Cycle is equipped with two turrets that resemble Identity Disks. These turrets, when on standby, rest on the back wheels; when active, they float near the front wheels.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

The Light Cycle mini-game operates under a rock-paper-scissors-esque attack system. Normal attacks are deflected with Guard, but can intercept Charges, which can break through Guards. If Sora drives into a wall, he will take damage.

  • Circle Guard: A shield surrounds the bike and protects against Heartless attacks. It protects from Attack, but is ineffective against Charge.
  • Square Charge: The bike charges up and then smashes the nearest target. It breaks through Guard, but is vulnerable to Attack.
  • X Attack: Sora attacks Heartless with the Keyblade. It can be used against Charge, but is weak against Guard.
  • L1 / L2: Turns the bike left.
  • R1 / R2: Turns the bike right.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

The Light Cycle controls are much simpler here than in Kingdom Hearts II, and consist of:

  • Y Change Mode: Riku switches between Light Wall and turrets. Switching to Light Wall grants Riku a brief speed boost.
  • B Jump: Jumps with the Light Cycle, allowing Riku to avoid ribbons from Black Guards.
  • A Assault Shot: Riku fires at his enemies. Available only while using the turrets.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

The ultimate goal of the Light Cycle mini-game is to destroy 30 Heartless.

  • Magnum Loader
    • Blue: The blue Magnum Loaders attack Sora normally. He can press Circle to guard against their attacks.
    • Yellow: The yellow Magnum Loaders can charge at Sora. He can attack them with X before they hit him.
    • Green: The green Magnum Loaders can guard themselves, Sora can break their defenses by charging at them with Square.
    • White: The white Magnum Loaders can attack, guard, and charge. Sora must observe the white Magnum Loaders' actions and counter with the appropriate command.
  • Devastator
    • These are found only in the exit of the mini-game and will shoot at Sora. If Sora guards at the right moment, their projectiles will bounce off and hit themselves instead, protecting Sora while defeating them at the same time.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

Main article: Commantis

The first time Riku participates in the Light Cycle, he is required to play until the Commantis appears. A variety of enemies appear to try to stop him.

Afterward, Riku can return to the Light Cycle track in order to play the mini-game version. Here, he attempts to take down as many opponents as possible to obtain points.

  • Guards ride Light Cycles and try to damage Riku with their Light Wall. They can be destroyed with Riku's Light Wall or turrets.
  • Flying Guards fly along the track and attack Riku with bombs. They can be shot down with Riku's turrets.
  • Recognizers are indestructible, and shoot a single laser down the track before flying away.



Dream Eaters[edit]




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