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Hunny Pot Board

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Hunny Pot Board
Hunny Pot Board Map KHBBS.png
It's a cinch to set up strategies on this basic board.
Japanese ハニーポットボード
Rōmaji Hanīpotto Bōdo
World 100 Acre Wood
Opponents Winnie the Pooh
Examine the book in Merlin's House.
GP Goals 5000
Starting GP 1000
Checkpoint panel
GP reward
GP Up panel
Initial rate 4%
Increase 2%
MAX rate 12%

The Hunny Pot Board is a Command Board in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It is shaped like a honey jar.

Special Panel[edit]

The Special Panel for this board is Hunny Hunt (ハニーパラダイス Hanī Paradaisu?, lit. "Honey Paradise"), during which Rabbit's stack of honey pots is smashed by a large pumpkin that rolled down the hill. This causes six pots of honey to be randomly placed on panels across the board, including one that is guaranteed to fall on the Special Panel where the player is. Four of these pots reward 500 GP to anyone who lands on the pot's panel. The other two pots are swarmed by bees and removes 200 GP from a player who lands there. Once a pot is claimed, it disappears.

After Disney Town has been visited, Captain Justice and Captain Dark can also be triggered on the Special Panels at random.


Needs transparency
Key Normal reward Limited reward Mirage Arena reward
1 Fira (30%) / Fire Surge (70%)
2 Confusion Strike Sacrifice (Terra only)
3 Thundara Thunder Roll (Ventus only) Thundara
4 Mine Square (50%) / Zero Gravira (50%)

Opponent command cards[edit]

Type Command Lv Quantity
Attack Fire Surge 1 2
2 2
Confusion Strike 1 1
2 3
Magic Fira 1 2
2 2
Thundara 1 2
3 1
Thundaga 1 2
Mine Square 1 2
2 1
3 1
Aero 1 4
Slow 1 7
2 1
Sleep 1 4
Type Command Lv Quantity
Attack Quick Blitz 1 3
2 1
Fire Strike 1 3
3 1
Binding Strike 1 1
2 1
Sacrifice[1] 1 3
2 1
Magic Thundaga 1 3
Cura 1 4
Aerora 1 4
Stopra 1 1
2 3
Other High Jump 1 1
2 1


The best path to take is to start by heading towards the Red Checkpoint to the right of the Start. After going over it, take the shortcut to the left of the board, then touch the Yellow Checkpoint. Next, head towards the giant dice near the Bonus Panels, then use it reach the Blue Checkpoint. Now use the giant dice to return to the Yellow Checkpoint. Then, take the bottom path and head towards the Green Checkpoint. After that, return to the start and repeat.

Tigger will use Two Dice if he has at least one Magic Card; counter with Stun to slow him down.


Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ In Ventus and Aqua's scenarios, this command is only used when playing in the Mirage Arena.