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Olympus Coliseum

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You may be looking for the manga chapter, the field theme, the area of Castle Oblivion, or the expansion to this world.
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Olympus Coliseum

Olympus Coliseum KH.png
Taken from the Chain of Memories strategy guide.

Olympus Coliseum KHII.png
Olympus Coliseum Logo KHII.png

Transparent background
ripped from the game site
Kana オリンポスコロシアム

Romaji Orinposu Koroshiamu
Games Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts coded
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Kingdom Hearts χ
Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

Allies Auron[KH II]
Hercules & Cloud[KH coded]
Hercules & Zack[KH BbS]
Assistants Hercules, Megara, Philoctetes, & Pegasus[KH II]
Origin Hercules (1997)

KH tracks
Field theme - Olympus Coliseum
Battle theme - Road to a Hero
Battle theme - Go for It!
KHCoM tracks
Field theme - Olympus Coliseum
Battle theme - Go for It!
KHII tracks
Field theme - Olympus Coliseum
Battle theme - Road to a Hero (training)
KHD tracks
Field theme - Olympus Coliseum
Battle theme - Go for It!
KHBbS tracks
Field theme - Olympus Coliseum
Battle theme - Go for It!
Battle theme - Road to a Hero
KHRec tracks
Field theme - Olympus Coliseum
Field theme - Road to a Hero
Battle theme - Go for It!
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Traverse Town | Wonderland | Olympus Coliseum/Olympus
Deep Jungle | Agrabah | Halloween Town
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Olympus Coliseum is a world that appears in all the Kingdom Hearts games except Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It is based on the Disney feature film, Hercules, although the Coliseum is an invention of the games, and only the Underworld actually appears in the film. The Coliseum has since become a staple in the series.

The world is expanded with Olympus from Kingdom Hearts III.

The ruler of this world is Zeus, but Hades is the ruler of the Underworld. The Coliseum is stated to be in Greece, atop Mount Olympus.

The Keyhole of Olympus Coliseum is hidden in the Lobby, underneath a huge stone block and can be moved with a Trinity Push.

Settings and Areas[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

The Coliseum Gates.

In the original game, Olympus Coliseum was the smallest world, consisting of three areas: the Coliseum Gates (コロシアム前 Koroshiamu Mae?, lit. "Colosseum Anterior") where Sora and his party enter, the Coliseum: Lobby (ロビー Robī?, lit. "Lobby") where Phil briefs contestants and keeps the cups of the winners, and The Coliseum (コロシアム Koroshiamu?) itself, where the party competes against various combinations of Heartless, villains, and other characters in the game. The same exact areas are present in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Area Map in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Needs map variations for the barrel and tournament sections. The game glitches and makes me unable to attack when I have a party member for some reason.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Main article: Underworld

The area gains a drastic expansion in Kingdom Hearts II, as the Underworld can now be accessed through the Coliseum Gates. The Lobby has also been renamed to the Coliseum Foyer.

Area Map


Kingdom Hearts coded[edit]

The Coliseum is similar to that of previous games, albeit with a different naming scheme, but the data world's Keyhole is expanded greatly. Data-Sora arrives at the world at the Coliseum Gates, renamed Outside the Coliseum, and goes into the Vestibule inside the Coliseum. The Keyhole is divided into thirty floors, called "layers", with multiple Save Rooms spaced out between them. After Data-Sora completes Layer 01-05, he unlocks Layer 06-15; after those are completed, he unlocks Layer 16-30.

Area Map in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

minimaps (the mandatory layers 1 through 5)

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

The Coliseum has the same appearance as Kingdom Hearts, but unlike the other games, the Coliseum Gates (コロシアム:入口広場 Koroshiamu: Iriguchi Hiroba?, lit. "Coliseum: Entrance Plaza"), which were originally connected to the exit in Kingdom Hearts and the Underworld in Kingdom Hearts II, is now a pathway to a Town Near Thebes (テーベの町 Tēbe no Machi?, lit. "Town of Thebes"). The Lobby has additionally been renamed the Vestibule.

Area Map



Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

When Player first enters Olympus Coliseum, Philoctetes hears them approaching and assumes that they're someone else – stating that it was about time they showed up, as they were drawing close to the deadline for taking in new entries. Once Phil realizes his mistake, he tells Player that he has no business with them and that they should leave. Suddenly, Hercules runs in and is scolded by Phil for being late – the reason being that Pegasus had been grumbling again. When Hercules asks who Player is, Phil says that he has no idea, but suggests that perhaps Player is another candidate looking to join in the tournament – adding that the Battle Arena Tournament isn't child's play. Hercules takes a closer look at Player and tells Phil that he likes the look of them, suggesting that they allow Player to enter the tournament – through Phil refuses; questioning what Player has to offer and claiming that they're already over their entry quota anyway. Instead, Hercules suggests that Player enters on his behalf, prompting Phil to ask what Hercules is up to, only for Hercules to whisper to Phil that he's acting on a hunch and that there's something he has to do right now, so he's leaving it all to Phil for the time being. Though disappointed, Phil accepts this and assumes that Hercules must know what he's doing, promising to take care of Player. Hercules thanks Phil and tells Player that Phil will take care of them, mentioning that he's sure Player will become a great hero too, before leaving.

Phil starts Player off in the Preliminaries, with Player working his way up through the tournament by destroying Heartless. In the final round, Player faces off against another Darkball, and when they manage to defeat it and win the Preliminaries overall, they gain a new power with the Keyblade and immediately rush over to Daybreak Town to report back to Chirithy.

Upon their return to Olympus Coliseum, Player is approached by Phil – who tells them that he'd been waiting for them as it's time for “the real deal”, advising Player to go into the match with everything they've got. After Player emerges from the Arena Tournament successful – Phil voices his surprise, noting how he'd never thought that they'd get so far. However, Phil makes sure not to lower Player's hopes, for if they keep it up, victory won't be just a dream anymore. Then, Cloud Strife emerges from the arena, asking if the tournament is just some kind of game to Player. Cloud states that Player has no reason to win the tournament, and has been fighting without a real sense of seriousness over the situation. Confused, Phil asks what Cloud is talking about, only for Cloud to claim that he intends on winning the tournament. Phil tells Cloud that he doesn't know what he's talking about, as Player has potential, and might even become a hero. Though this doesn't faze Cloud, who simply brushes it off and says that he couldn't care less before walking away

After receiving word about the resumption of the tournament, Player makes their way to Olympus Coliseum once again to meet with Phil. Phil notes that Player looks even stronger than the last time they'd seen one another before guiding Player back into the arena to continue the tournament. Once Player has made their way through to the end of the semifinals, telling them to keep it up and they'll be the champ; although it wouldn't be so easy for them if Hercules were there, so Phil encourages Player to take their moment while they still have a chance. Just then the doors to the arena open as Player's opponent for the finals have been decided. As Cloud walks out of the arena, Phil is a little dissuaded, making note of Cloud's mysterious nature. Regaining his senses Phil tells Player to be careful as people who are shouldering burdens tend to be powerful, so they can't lose focus for even a second until the very end.

After Player defeats Cloud, they turn their back on him, only for Cloud to attempt one last strike on them. Fortunately, Hercules runs in and saves Player. With the tension defused, Hercules notes that the tournament seems a little fishy, and so Phil takes another look at the tablet to find that written in fine print it states: “The winner shall receive a trip to the Underworld.” With this, Hercules is able to surmise that Hades is behind the whole thing. Hades then appears and admits to having done what he's been accused of – though he'd not accounted for Hercules not participating in the tournament he accepts that the unpredictable only spices things up. With a change of plans, Hades then asks who their champion is. Laughing, Hercules tells Hades that because he'd arrived before the match had been officially finished, they couldn't declare a winner and his contract is thereby invalid. Though Hades is furious, his mood lightens when Cloud asks to be taken to the Underworld. Phil and Hercules try to convince Cloud that he doesn't know what he's getting himself into, as the Underworld is the world of the dead that exists beneath Darkness itself. Surprisingly, Cloud seems to like the idea, feeling as though “he” would like that kind of place. With Cloud's persistence and interest in darkness, Hades accepts and takes Cloud to the Underworld. Hercules decides that he won't stand for this and that they have to save Cloud, which Phil agrees to – postponing the tournament indefinitely now that Hades is involved. Phil suggests that Player leave before they get too involved in the situation, leaving himself shortly thereafter – allowing Chirithy to pop in and agree that Player should take their leave. Chirithy says that Player's heart lacks the amount of power necessary to defeat this kind of darkness as of yet. When Player refuses to listen to Chirithy, Chirithy accepts and admits that he'd been ordered to ready a Gate for Player that will lead them to the Underworld – where darkness rules. Chirithy advises Player to be on their guard and keep their heart strong before sending them on their way through the Gate.

In the Underworld, Player follows the path taken by Hades and Cloud, only to come to a dead-end when they find a tightly sealed door blocking the path. Returning to the Coliseum, Player tells Phil that he was unable to find Cloud, only for Phil to scold him for not leaving it to Hercules as he was meant to – as it'd be safer if he didn't get involved with Hades. Player once again returns to the Underworld, where they find the door to be open. Eventually, Player finds Hades – who voices his annoyance with Cloud, who had apparently declined an offer from Hades and then proceeded to “hurt” Cerberus. Hades vows to make Cloud suffer the next time he sees him. Before leaving, Hades then realizes Player's presence, asking what they were doing there before deciding he didn't care and summoning Cerberus. Announcing that he intends on taking out his rage on Player, Hades watches from above while ordering Cerberus to tear Player apart.

Player manages to defeat Cerberus, prompting Hades to ask whether or not everyone was just trying to irritate him. Calming himself down, Hades turns the tables and decides to use the situation toward his advantage. Hades tells Player that he never anticipated that they'd defeat Cerberus, noting how powerful they were – and also asking if they'd like to become stronger. After much coaxing from Hades, Player reluctantly agrees, encouraging Hades to explain that in order to gain more power they'd have to bind their will to the Darkness, and since Darkness is a true source of power – so long as they can control it Player should be able to wield it freely at will. However, apparently it'd all be for naught if Player were crushed by the darkness of the Underworld, suggesting that if Player can reach his Throne Room, he will tell him the rest.

With Hades gone, Chirithy appears and asks if Player is really going, warning Player that they're deep in the darkness and that even though it may seem like a shortcut to obtaining power, if they fall too deep into it they may never be able to come back. Chirithy leaves it at that, sighing as it states that Player must decide what road to take for themselves as their mission in life is only that of an observer, meaning that it is not permitted to interfere, before disappearing once more.

Player makes their way through the Valley of the Dead to Hades' Throne Room, where Hades applauds Player for not getting swallowed by the darkness of the Underworld. True to his word, Hades says that he will teach Player how to access darkness. However, Player asks that Hades instead tell them where Cloud is – enraging Hades. Despite his lack of concern for Cloud, Hades mentions that he's unsure if a human could survive in the Underworld for so long, meaning that Cloud may just be dead somewhere. In spite of all this, Player has managed to avoid being consumed by darkness as well, and so Hades intends on allowing Player to access their talent to its full capabilities. When Player asks how Hades intends on making that happen, Hades explains that all Player has to do is perform a few little tasks and the ability to control darkness would then come naturally.

First, Hades sends Player to destroy the Neoshadows that had appeared in the Cave of the Dead. Next, Hades had Player collect 10 glass balls he'd hidden throughout the Valley of the Dead. Then, Hades sends Player to defeat a Fire Plant Heartless he'd stationed at the Gates of the Underworld. By the end of this test, Player is still unable to harness the power of darkness, and so instead Hades tells Player to wait while he thinks up more tests.

When Player returns to the Underworld, Hades tells them to go through the gates at the entrance to the underworld and enter the Great Cavity that leads to the depths of the Underworld. Player finds Cloud, who catches a black feather in his hand before noticing Player. Cloud claims not to have any more business in the Underworld, commenting on its awful atmosphere and advising Player to leave soon as well. Just then, Hercules runs in with the intention of leaving the Underworld with Cloud and Player. Hades arrives, having come to see what was taking so long. When Hercules insists that they're leaving, Hades claims that the party is only just getting started, ordering Player to show Hercules and Cloud their newly found powers over Darkness. Hades didn't anticipate that Player would turn on him instead, feeling as though everyone is betraying him these days – though Hercules reasons that Player never would have sided with Hades anyway. Accepting this, Hades claims to have another card up his sleeve anyway. Hercules demands that Hades move out of their way before he has to force him out of the way – unexpectedly though, Hercules finds himself lacking in energy. Laughing, Hades reveals that because Hercules isn't a god, the darkness in the Underworld will affect him pretty quickly, revealing his decision to bring Cloud and Player to the Underworld to have all been part of his plan to force Hercules into the Underworld.

Hades then sends Hercules away in a blast of black fire, while deciding to destroy the Coliseum as his finale. Cloud volunteers to buy some time for them, directing Player to search for Hercules in the meantime. When Player questions Cloud's change of heart, Cloud reasons that he doesn't like the idea of being used. While Cloud exits the Underworld to stall Hades' destruction of the Coliseum, Player makes way for Hades' Throne Room, where he finds Hercules bound in black glowing chains. Using the power of the Keyblade, Player frees Hercules and together they rush to leave the Underworld and stop Hades at the Coliseum.

Player and Hercules find that most of the Coliseum has been destroyed, though Cerberus is down for the count, arriving just as Hades strikes down Cloud. Hades is shocked to see Hercules, but welcomes the challenge. However, Hercules is not dissuaded by Hades' power, because this time he has his friends as his support. While Phil takes care of Cloud, Hercules and Player dive into a long and drawn-out battle with Hades. Together, they manage to defeat Hades, who makes a hasty retreat after admitting that training Player was a mistake. Phil congratulates Hercules on his victory, mentioning that he could feel the power of his and Player's friendship at work. Hercules then looks to Player and agrees that friends offer the greatest source of power. This intrigues Cloud, who then decides that he should be on his way as he has no business there anymore. Phil stops him, however, and insists that he rebuild the Coliseum, a task which Cloud reluctantly accepts.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

Following the events of the Keyblade War, Player and rest of the Dandelions lose their memories of the previous world, causing Player to relive their experiences in Olympus Coliseum. Player returns to Olympus Coliseum to check on Hercules. Hercules comment son how much stronger Player has become, and that he'll have to watch out before Phil scolds him and orders him to start training more. Hercules apologizes to Player for not having time to catch up before leaving.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Zack talking to Ventus in Olympus Coliseum.

Ventus is the first person to visit this world. First, he meets Phil, who is trying to decide whether to train Hercules or Zack. Phil says that whoever proves himself in the tournament can train under him. An eager Zack runs off to the Coliseum, while Ventus promises to help Hercules train, become a hero, and return to his rightful place on Mt. Olympus. Hercules and Zack eventually face off in the tournament, but the fight is interrupted by a swarm of Unversed in town. Ventus goes to fight them alone, but Hercules withdraws from the match and comes with him. The two finish off the swarm when Zack arrives. He wanted to help his friends too. Phil says that he never cared about who won, but whose heart was in the right place. Since Hercules left first, he gets to train with him. Nevertheless, the trainees continue towards their goals of becoming heroes. Phil thanks Ventus for giving Hercules the strength to become a hero.

Terra being coaxed by Hades into entering the Games.

Terra is the second person to visit this world. He encounters Hercules and some Unversed during his arrival. The hero-in-training compliments Terra's strength and recommends he compete in the upcoming games. He heads up towards the Coliseum where Hades is devising a scheme to defeat Zeus. The god approaches Terra and tells him that by hiding his darkness, he is wasting his power. Terra takes up Hades's offer to help him control his darkness by entering the games. However, as Terra continues to compete, Hades starts to see that Terra may not want his darkness and starts to think of a new plan when Zack enters for his match. Inside the arena, Terra and Zack face-off, with the Keyblade Wielder victorious. However, as Terra turns to leave, Zack awakens with a dark aura and attacks. Zack tries to resist this power, reminding Terra of when the darkness overcame him in Enchanted Dominion. Hades appears, saying that this is the power that Terra can have. Terra refuses and fights Zack again. Terra wins again and Hades realizes his defeat and disappears. Zack calls Terra a hero and promises to have a rematch someday.

Aqua is the last person to visit this world. There, she meets Hercules and Phil, who are still training. Hercules says he wants to be strong as the Champion Terra. Phil mentions that Terra could show again anytime, so Aqua agrees to enter the games in hopes of seeing him. Aqua qualifies for the finals against Zack. Zack wants to win his block to face Terra again, the champ of the other block. Zack still wants his rematch with Terra after he helped him against Hades. Aqua and Zack square off, Aqua being the victor. Hades shows up again to check out the new competitor. He also calls Terra a coward for wasting his darkness. Aqua wants to fight, but Hades says she'll have to do it in a by-the-rules match. However, Hades shows up with the Ice Colossus, saying it does not have to be one-on-one. Zack then wants to help Aqua, but she insists that she handle the god and Titan alone. Hades is defeated and swears his return. Aqua exits the Coliseum, and Zack asks her out on a date. An embarrassed Aqua politely declines, but Zack says maybe he can do it and they will go out when he is a hero, but Aqua refuses that promise. Zack leaves as Herc returns from training, disappointed for missing the big match. Aqua tells him that his heart is on the right path to becoming a hero.

After the events at the Keyblade Graveyard, Hercules continues his training with Phil as Zack watches from the gates. He looks up when a black feather floats past him, and he disappears.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

When Sora first enters the Coliseum, Phil, who is busy preparing for the games, mistakes him for Hercules. When his mistake is revealed, Phil allows Sora to enter the trials. Though Sora passes, Phil won't let him enter the games. Disappointed, Sora exits, only to be met by Hades, who grants him an entry pass for the preliminaries. Sora then has to go through many preliminaries before he can get to the final battle. The final battle of the preliminaries is with Cloud, who is secretly working for Hades. After defeating or losing to Cloud, Hades has Cerberus attack the Coliseum, but Hercules holds the beast off until Sora runs back in to defeat it. Afterward, Phil lets Sora and his friends know that the games will be postponed due to the damage to the Coliseum, so they leave for other worlds. On the way out, Cloud explains to Sora that he assisted Hades to get help finding a certain person, and Sora encourages him to keep searching. Meanwhile, an infuriated Hades vents his frustration and makes plans for his next scheme, shooing away Maleficent when she comes to check on him.

After sealing Neverland Sora returns to conquer the Hercules Cup. In the final round, Sora defeats Hercules without the help of Donald or Goofy and seals the world's keyhole, with the use of a Yellow Trinity.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the series.
If Sora visits Olympus Coliseum after sealing the Keyhole in Hollow Bastion, Maleficent does not appear to speak with Hades.

As Sora, Donald, and Goofy rescue worlds, tournament cups will be opened back at the Coliseum. Each cup can be completed in three modes: with the whole team, with just Sora, or with the whole team and a time limit. After the cup has been completed in each manner, Phil will allow the team to replay the cup starting at any seed.

After Hollow Bastion is locked, Hades hosts the Hades Cup to get rid of Sora, but Sora and his team manage to put Hades in his place.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

When Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter Castle Oblivion's memory-version of the Coliseum, they find that Phil has arranged a race through an obstacle course as part of the new tournament. Hercules, Cloud, and Sora enter, although is revealed that Cloud has been hired by Hades to defeat Hercules, in exchange for Hades restoring his lost memories. Cloud fights Hercules but loses, prompting Hades to cancel their agreement. Hades refuses to restore Cloud's memories and prepares to attack the weakened Hercules. Sora intervenes and successfully defeats Hades. Following the fight, the games are canceled as all contestants are too exhausted to participate. As Cloud prepares to leave, Sora encourages him to find his memories. Sora comforts Cloud and reminds him that even small events can help someone remember things and those truly important memories are never completely forgotten.

Later, Riku enters the memory version of Olympus Coliseum in the Basement. As he advances through the simulation, he encounters Hades and defeats the Lord of the Underworld.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

On Roxas's 117th day in the Organization, he and Xigbar set out to investigate the Olympus Coliseum. Xigbar tells Roxas that they're on the lookout for anyone who might potentially become an Organization member. He explains where Organization members come from: that when a strong heart is taken by darkness, a Nobody is created at the same time as a Heartless, and the strongest of those Nobodies gather in the Organization. Furthermore, Roxas and Xion are particularly special Nobodies even within the Organization.

Roxas and Xigbar defeat some nearby Heartless, which attracts the attention of Phil. He runs over, mistaking Roxas for Hercules's new apprentice candidate. Roxas realizes that Xigbar has disappeared. After Phil tells Roxas to report for training and rushes off to the Coliseum, Xigbar reappears. Xigbar explains that the Organization is supposed to keep their movements secret, and is thoroughly amused at the idea of Roxas being an apprentice candidate. He leaves Roxas, who is now allowed to enter the Coliseum, to do the investigation by himself.

Roxas takes a look around, wondering what the huge rankings on the wall could be about and who the number one names, Sora on one board and Hercules on another, could be. He is momentarily worried by the massive statues outside the Coliseum gates, musing if this world might be home to giant warriors. However, he soon figures out that this is just a Coliseum, and reports to Phil's training.

After a vigorous training session, Roxas learns from Phil that he's looking for strong warriors to enter the Coliseum's tournament, especially with the Heartless that have been appearing lately. Phil laughs outright at Roxas's request to enter, and Roxas has a strange vision of a boy in red clothes, standing in the same position he is in. As Roxas heads home, he walks past Hercules and can hear Phil telling Hercules about how the "new apprentice candidate" took care of the Heartless while he was away.

Roxas's next mission to the Coliseum is with Demyx, who complains that he is really not cut out for fighting missions, as he prefers investigations. When Roxas heads off to Phil's training, Demyx says he would pass. When the two of them see Phil forcing Hercules through strenuous exercises, Demyx says if he were subjected to that kind of "training" he'd run away.

Roxas, wondering if Hercules is stronger than him, is about to leave when Phil catches him and gives him his own training for the day. Phil explains to Roxas that Hercules trains so hard because everyone counts on him to be strong, and Roxas wonders if such expectations are the same kind of thing as orders. As the Nobodies leave, Demyx again complains about being forced to fight and says he's glad he usually gets investigation missions.

Two months later, Roxas and Demyx return to the Coliseum, and Demyx is as unhappy as ever about being forced to fight Heartless. Their target this time is a mysterious Heartless, and since Demyx isn't a hero candidate he waits outside while Roxas enters the Coliseum tournament. He makes it to the final round, and Phil comes over to give him a pep talk and tell him that he's counting on Roxas to win. Roxas asks if that's the same as being given orders, but Phil just tells him not to ask such ridiculous questions and concentrate on fighting.

To Roxas's surprise, his final opponent is none other than Xigbar. He says he'd heard Roxas has been practicing and came to see just how strong he is now. However, their battle is interrupted by the appearance of the Guard Armor Heartless, and as Phil runs off to get Hercules, Roxas jumps into battle. During his fight, he has strange visions of the same boy in red, who seems to have fought this creature before. After Roxas defeats the Heartless, Xigbar comments that he really has gotten stronger, and heads back to The World That Never Was. Demyx wonders what Xigbar was doing in the Coliseum, considering he should have missions of his own to do.

They head home just before Phil can return with Hercules. When Phil wonders out loud what happened to Roxas, and Hercules wonders who Phil is talking about, Phil suddenly realizes that Roxas wasn't an apprentice candidate and is left to wonder who on earth he's been training the entire time.

On Roxas's 296th day in the Organization, he's sent to participate in another Coliseum tournament, which feels more like training than a mission to him. Phil confronts him, saying he's glad Roxas hasn't been finished off but also asking just who he is. When Roxas can't reply, Phil assumes that Roxas is there to enter the tournament, and lets him in despite the earlier deception.

Roxas wins the tournament, defeating all kinds of Heartless. Phil congratulates him and tells Roxas to come back and visit every now and then. Roxas assumes that Phil still wants him to do more training. Although Roxas returns to the Coliseum a few weeks later to fight another Heartless, he never meets Phil again.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Sora and company return to Olympus Coliseum one year after their first visit. Before their return, Hades has been sending monsters for Hercules to fight against any attempt to weaken his heart and turn him into a Heartless. Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrive in the Underworld where they meet Megara, who wants to convince Hades to stop bothering Hercules. When Sora and co. confront Hades, he summons Auron to fight them, only for him to switch sides. After realizing that Hades cannot be hurt in the Underworld, the team escapes, with Auron and Sora defeating Cerberus.

After Pete tells Hades that Sora's Keyblade could open any lock, Hades uses it to unlock the Underworld Coliseum, which was sealed off by Zeus. Upon arriving at the Coliseum, the junior heroes reunite with Hercules and explain the situation. Hercules offers them to use the Olympus Stone, which shields them from the Underworld curse, though advises them to train under Phil to prepare for their battle with Hades. As the training continues, Hercules reveals that the Olympus Stone was stolen by someone in a black cloak. At the same time, Hades reveals he kidnapped Meg which prompts the Sora, Donald, and Goofy to rescue her while Hercules battles the Hydra in his match.

In the Underworld, the heroes encounter and have their first confrontation with Demyx. After recovering the Olympus Stone, the team rescue Meg with the help of Hercules and Pegasus before opening another gateway with the Olympus Stone. There, they battle Pete while unlocking the Underworld Coliseum. After sending Pete off, Hades gloats his victory while reminding Hercules of the Hydra he neglected to defeat properly. They return to the coliseum to see that the Hydra had destroyed it, leaving Hercules crestfallen over having failed to protect the people. After defeating the Hydra, Sora returns the Olympus Stone to Hercules and reveals itself as a gateway to another world.

On the team's second visit, the Underdrome has been unlocked, and Hades kidnaps Meg to bait Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Hercules into competing in the games. After earning a place in the finals, they learn that Hades has stolen Auron's free will, controlling him to defeat Hercules, along with Sora. Hercules voluntaries to face Auron alone while Sora, Donald, and Goofy retrieve the statue Hades is using to control Auron. By returning the statue, Auron regains his free will and refuses to fight. Hades, as Hercules's punishment, drops Meg into the River Styx, and Hercules jumps in after her.

Hades believes he is dead and battles the remaining four, proving too powerful for them to defeat even with the Olympus Stone. However, to their surprise Hercules rescues Meg and his strength returns, having proven himself a true hero. With Hercules' help, the heroes manage to defeat Hades, making him fall in the River Styx. Auron gives the trio his thanks before departing from them, planning to forge his own story. Afterward, Sora, Donald, and Goofy bid farewell to Hercules, Meg, and Phil before they depart, not before they become immortalized as constellations to mark them as true heroes, much to Phil's disbelief.

After the Underdrome is re-opened, multiple tournaments are opened after Sora and his friends accomplish certain goals or progress through the worlds.

After Sora returns to Destiny Islands, Hercules finishes rebuilding the Olympus Coliseum to its former glory. Auron watches Hercules and his friends celebrate before departing for the Underworld, fading back into pyreflies.

Kingdom Hearts coded[edit]

After discovering that Olympus Coliseum is infested with bugs and Hercules hasn't returned from destroying them, Data-Sora promptly finds and enters the world's Keyhole to reach the labyrinth. After finding several "shreds of wisdom", Data-Sora finds Hercules and the two team-up. Later, they battle Cloud, who was tricked into attacking Hercules by Hades. After losing the battle, Data-Sora and Hercules forgive Cloud for his mistake and offer to join forces but to no avail. In a state of shame and humility, Cloud denies and decides to go his own way. Deeper into the labyrinth, Data-Sora and Hercules find Cloud struggling against a horde of Heartless and insist on helping despite Cloud's protests and reluctance. Eventually, the Heartless are overcome and the three agree to journey together.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the series.
If the player avoids Cloud, Data-Sora and Hercules can continue on without helping and joining him. Afterward, Sora feels bad about leaving Cloud behind, although Hercules thinks that he'll be all right.

The three soon defeat Cerberus, one of Hades's henchmen. and the supposed source of the world's bugs. Enraged, Hades fights the party himself, only to come out as the loser. Data-Sora then realizes that Cerberus wasn't causing the bugs, meaning the party had to venture even deeper into the labyrinth. During their travels, the party destroy the Behemoth and Rock Titan, which were also wrongly believed to be causing the world's bugs. Once they get to the end, the trio encounters the Ice Titan and defeat it to discover that it was the source of the world's bugs. Finally successful, Data-Sora and Hercules report to Philoctetes while Cloud leaves to go his own separate way.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the series.
If the player is only doing five layers, Cerberus is found to still be the source of the world's bugs and the party return to Phil after battling Hades. If the player is doing fifteen layers, the Rock Titan is the bug source and the party return after defeating it.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-[edit]

In order for Sora to regain the powers he lost when Xehanort kidnapped his body, Yen Sid directs Sora and his friends to go seek training from Hercules at the Coliseum. At first, Sora has trouble finding a route, but he takes Yen Sid's words to heart and uses his heart as his "guiding key", opening a Gate to the world.


  • Hercules's mother Hera is mentioned in his journal profile, and referenced when Sora first speaks to Phil.







  • In Kingdom Hearts II, the trophy for the Phil Cup and the plaque for the Pegasus Cup were mistakenly switched to a trophy for the Pegasus Cup and a plaque for the Phil Cup.
  • Olympus Coliseum is the only Disney-based world that features Final Fantasy characters.
  • Although Olympus Coliseum did not appear in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, its original field theme is recycled as the Musketeers' theme.