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Round Team Enemies

1 Shadow Scout Soldier x 4
Blue Rhapsody x 3
2 Sinisters Shadow x 10
Blue Rhapsody x 3
3 Heat & Freeze Blue Rhapsody x 5
Red Nocturne x 5
4 Shadow Platoon Blue Rhapsody x 3
Red Nocturne x 3
Shadow x 2
Soldier x 2
5 Blue Revenge Blue Rhapsody x 9
6 Big One Large Body x 1
Blue Rhapsody x 4
Red Nocturne x 4
7 Cloud Cloud

The Preliminaries are the entry tournament at Olympus Coliseum in Kingdom Hearts. The tournament is interrupted by an attack from Cerberus. After Sora defeats Cerberus and rescues the Coliseum, Phil gives him a Hero License, allowing him to participate in future games.


Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Sora, Donald, and Goofy meet Phil in the Coliseum Lobby, where he tells them about the games, in which heroes from all over fight monsters in the Coliseum. Although Phil doesn't believe that the three are heroes, he lets them try some training exercises to see what they can do. Although Sora passes his trials, Phil doesn't let them sign up for the games. Outside, the three are approached by Hades, who gives Sora an Entry Pass for the games. Back in the Lobby, Phil reluctantly allows them to sign up for the preliminaries, warning them that several Heartless have also entered.

After the group's first match, Phil lightly compliments their battle skills. Cloud walks by, exchanging long looks with Sora as he passes. Phil predicts that he will be tough to beat.

Two matches later, Phil's opinion of the three has improved, and he wishes Hercules was there to watch.

While Sora and the others celebrate after their fifth match, Hades converses with Cloud behind the gates to the Coliseum interior. He tells Cloud to take out Sora during their match. Cloud complains that he only agreed to kill Hercules, but Hades insists, saying that Cloud has to go through Sora to get to Hercules. Cloud walks away wordlessly, leaving Hades to brood.

Sora and Cloud face off for the seventh match. When Cloud fails to take Sora down, Hades releases Cerberus into the arena, effectively ending the tournament. Although Hercules holds off and Sora defeats Cerberus, the games are canceled until the damage from the battle is cleaned up. However, Phil gives Sora a Hero License, naming him a "junior hero" and allowing him to participate in the games.



Cloud is the final boss of the Preliminary Tournament. His defeat is optional; regardless of the outcome, Hades will sic Cerberus on Sora.