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Junk Sweep

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Junk Sweep mini-game from Kingdom Hearts II.

Junk Sweep (ガラクタそうじ Garakuta Souji?, dubbed Cleanup in the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts II) is a mini-game available in Twilight Town that both Sora and Roxas can play. Only Roxas can receive munny for doing so. One must look at the "help wanted" sign in the Market Street: Tram Common to play this mini-game.

The objective of this mini-game is to swing Sora or Roxas's equipped weapon at the various junk piles to knock them away. The fewer hits it takes to remove the junk piles, the more munny Roxas obtains. Sora, meanwhile, must clear this mini-game with a certain number of swings to meet a Jiminy Objective.



Sora's reward[edit]

The Jiminy Objective for Junk Sweep is to complete the mini-game with fewer than six points.

Roxas's reward[edit]

10 swings or less 50 munny
15 swings or less 30 munny
More than 15 swings 10 munny


Whether playing as Sora or Roxas, one must strike the various junk piles to knock them away. At the end of each of these Keyblade wielders' combos, the junk piles they hit go flying and explode; any other junk piles in the way are destroyed, as well. Therefore, it is recommended that both Sora and Roxas aim the junk piles they strike at other junk piles; they can do this by finishing a combo when another junk pile is nearby. This causes both piles to go flying and increases the chance that they will hit additional piles, as well.

Advanced tactics[edit]

Before starting Junk Sweep, unequip all of Sora's abilities, save for Negative Combo, so that the Keyblade wielder can only perform a standard combo finisher. When the mini-game begins, group the junk piles together by pushing them, and then hit them with Sora's combo finisher. This will allow Sora to destroy all of the junk piles in fewer than six hits, allowing him to meet this mini-game's Jiminy Objective.


Junk Sweep (Sora) Junk Sweep (Roxas)