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Japanese サムソン
Rōmaji Samuson
Homeworld Enchanted Dominion
Origin Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Game Kingdom Hearts Union χ

Samson is a character in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. He originally appeared in the animated film Sleeping Beauty and is Prince Phillip's horse.


Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

When Player arrived to the world, Samson and Phillip are out riding when Phillip is suddenly intrigued by Aurora's beautiful singing voice, and is determined to investigate further.



Samson is first appearing in Disney's Sleeping Beauty, where he introduced with Phillip years after Maleficent's curse and Aurora's life as Briar Rose first began. He and Phillip are out riding when Phillip is suddenly intrigued by the beautiful singing voice of a peasant girl and is determined to investigate further. Samson is initially against this course change, but Phillip convinces him to go along when he promises Samson an extra bag of oats (and a few carrots) to eat. However, after failing to woo her, Phillip, embarrassed, denies Samson those extra carrots.

Later on, after heading back into the forest to again meet with the peasant girl, Phillip and Samson are kidnapped and imprisoned by Maleficent and her goons within her castle at the Forbidden Mountain. There, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather arrive to the rescue, freeing the duo. The team races out of the castle and towards the kingdom of King Stefan, where the peasant girl, Aurora, has fallen into a deep, sleep-like death, with a kiss of true love being the only thing capable of awakening her. However, as they race to the rescue, Maleficent unleashes her wrath, turning into a dragon and knocking Phillip off Samson's saddle. The two battle, and in the end, the fairy is defeated. Samson, Phillip, and the fairies head towards the castle where the princess is finally awakened, and peace to the kingdom is finally restored.