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The rulebook (掟の書, okite no sho?) seen in various cutscenes.

The rulebook (掟の書 okite no sho?) is a book that appears in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. Every member of the Dandelions that is meant to become a Union leader received one copy from Ava, while the rules themselves were devised by the Master of Masters.


Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

To ensure the survival of light following the cataclysmic Keyblade War, the Master of Masters provided Ava with five rulebooks intended to be given to five individuals whose inclusion in the Dandelions was integral, as they would succeed the foretellers as Union leaders and utilize the rulebook as a guide. Quest 665: Target: Blitz Spear Pt. 5

As Ephemer seeks to uncover the mysteries surrounding the foretellers and the Book of Prophecies, he is approached by Ava, who reveals the imminent end of the world to him and recruits him to be one of the new Union leaders. Ephemer reluctantly accepts and receives his rulebook before being sent by Ava to a world made of dreams to prepare for the arrival of the other Dandelions.

With the Keyblade War approaching, Ava approaches Strelitzia after she witnesses Player's confrontation with Aced. Shortly thereafter, Ava informs Strelitzia about the coming events, providing her with a rulebook. Although Strelitzia doubts her capability to lead a Union, she accepts her role. When she realizes that Player is not a Dandelion, Strelitzia sets out with her Chirithy to find Player and induct them into the Dandelions. During her search, however, Strelitzia is struck down, and her rulebook is stolen by an unknown assailant. Quest 730: Target: Silver Hammer Frame Pt. 2

After the Keyblade War, as the Dandelions enter the new world, they lose all their memories and relive their experiences, though this time without the tragedy that befall the old world. When the time came for the Union leaders to gather in the Keyblade Graveyard, Brain and Ventus are initially reluctant to follow the rulebook, as it instructed them to lie to the Dandelions concerning the previous world they left behind. Ephemer and Skuld believe they should follow the rulebook to allow Keyblade wielders to be unburdened by the past. Quest 675: Master Aced

Further discussion ensues when the five gather in the Foretellers' Chamber, as they are meant to disband the Union χ put in place that allows Dandelions from different Unions to intermingle. However, Ephemer suggests that they leave the Union χ in place, rather than pitting the Dandelions against one another again. This would also allow them to discuss the Unions they will lead at length. Brain objects to this, citing the entry in the rulebook, though Lauriam notes that the rulebook does not refer to when they should disband the Union χ. With everyone in agreement, the Union leaders proceed with their first task. Quest 735: The Shiny Hammer Pt. 5

Eventually, Ephemer struggles with the rulebook entry instructing the Union leaders to institute a Shift Pride (シフトプライド Shifuto Puraido?), which would pit the Dandelion against one another as a competition. While discussing the matter without Lauriam, Ephemer is reminded of the Dandelions' adventures in the worlds. Offering the subject of the Shift Pride up for a vote, Brain and Lauriam support Ephemer's decisions, while Skuld and Ventus oppose it. Ephemer then reveals that he intends on accessing the data of the Dandelions from their adventures in the data worlds, meaning that that Dandelions would clash with the data rather than each other to prevent true conflict. Quest 846: More Heartless in Daybreak Town Pt. 1