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Japanese マウイ
Rōmaji Maui
Origin Moana
Game Kingdom Hearts Union χ

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Moana (2016)
Half god, half mortal, all awesome.

Maui is a character in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. He is a demigod who is quite proud of his exploits.


Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

Maui's power is channeled by the Book of Prophecies to form the Maui Medal.


Maui is a rotund, tall man with dark skin and wild, black hair. Littered all over his body are a series of tattoos, each of which depict a significant act he once did to his people. He wears a necklace laced with shark teeth, and a skirt of leaves tied with tree strips.


Based on a hero and chief of the same name from Polynesian mythology, Maui first appeared in Walt Disney Animation Studio's fifty-sixth animated feature, Moana, where he was voiced by Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson. In the film, it is revealed he was tossed into the sea by his parents, who did not want him. Maui was subsequently found by the gods, and they granted him a magical fish hook that made him a demigod. Maui returned to the people and granted them their every desire. However, when he stole the Heart of Te Fiti for them, he accidentally created the lava demoness Te Kā and cost him his hook. Stranded on an island for the next millennium, Maui eagerly anticipated a means of escaping as the world decayed around him.

During the events of Moana, Maui is found by the titular character, who orders him to help her restore the Heart of Te Fiti. The demigod only agrees to do so once he retrieves his fish hook from a giant crab, Tamatoa. With his hook restored to him, Maui gradually warms up to Moana and teaches her to become a wayfinder. The two manage to overcome Te Kā, restore the Heart of Te Fiti, and save the world.