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White Mushroom

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White Mushroom

White Mushroom KH.png

Katakana ホワイトマッシュルーム Heartless Emblem.png
Rōmaji Howaito Masshurūmu

Type Emblem Heartless
Games Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Black Fungus
Rare Truffle
Pink Agaricus
Mushroom XIII
Gold Tricholoma
White Mushroom

Kingdom Hearts
Non-attacking, friendly Heartless. They might give you an item if you help them.
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
A Heartless with an unusual affinity for people.
The White Mushroom never attacks, and may even reward someone who comes to its aid.
Before rescue 30 8 8 100 0[1]
After rescue 30 8 8 100 0[1]
Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0
Gravity Stop Stun Other
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0
See Arts
Traverse Town, Wonderland, Olympus Coliseum, Deep Jungle, Agrabah, Atlantica, Halloween Town, End of the World
Before rescue 30 8 8 100 0[1]
After rescue 30 8 8 100 0[1]
Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0
Gravity Stop Stun Other
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0

Hades Cup

Seed 6 (Mad Mushroom): White Mushroom

Floor Basement HP AP EXP

1 12 198 0 3
2 11 218 0 8
3 10 238 0 12
4 9 257 0 17
5 8 277 0 21
6 7 297 0 26
7 6 317 0 30
8 5 337 0 35
9 4 356 0 39
10 3 376 0 44
11 2 594 0 78
12 1 634 0 86
13 673 0 93
Physical Fire Blizzard Thunder Neutral
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0
Gravity Stun Stop Warp
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0
Bind Confuse Terror Magnet Freeze
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0
Hyper Healing
White Mushroom (card).png
Restore some HP each time you use a friend card.
Duration Cost Values Duel Time
3 reloads 40 CP — cards — s
White Room

The White Mushroom is an Emblem Heartless found in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. It is one of the various Mushroom Heartless in the series, and rewards Sora for demonstrating his magical skills. It indicates the desired spell through charades, and each time Sora casts the correct spell, it will chime with joy and relinquish Tech Points. If Sora gets all three charades correct, it will reward Sora with restorative Orbs and synthesis materials related to the third spell's element, and if all three spells are the same, the White Mushroom will relinquish a rare Arts item or Premium Bonus. However, if Sora attacks the White Mushroom, casts the wrong spell, or takes too long, it will run away.


A White Mushroom has a spherical, pitch black head with two glowing yellow, beady eyes. It wears a round, red cap on its head that sports two black, angular spirals on its front. It also seems to wear an off-white smock that completely covers its legs and thin, fingerless arms. Its Heartless emblem is present on the front of this smock. Like other mushroom Heartless, the White Mushroom bears a resemblance to the mushrooms from Fantasia.

The White Mushroom's name references its light coloration, as well as mushrooms, which it resembles.


Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]


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The Arts items are obtained from White Mushrooms in Kingdom Hearts. They are proof that a White Mushroom acknowledged Sora as a master of a certain magic. In order to obtain them, Sora must use the same magic on a White Mushroom three times. If Sora shows all seven Arts to Merlin, he will give Goofy the Dream Shield. The resell value of an Arts is merely 250 munny (the resell value is 100 munny in KH:FM.)

The White Mushrooms make different movements to show what spell they want Sora to cast.

The different "charades" and rewards are:

  • Fire: The White Mushroom shivers.
    • Fire magic is third spell: (15) Munny x30, Blaze Shard (100%), Blaze Gem (10%), Mystery Goo (10%)
    • Fire magic is each spell: (15) Munny x30, Fire Arts (100%), Blaze Gem (40%), Mystery Goo (20%)
  • Blizzard: The White Mushroom bends down and fans itself.
    • Blizzard magic is third spell: (15) Munny x30, Frost Shard (100%), Frost Gem (10%), Mystery Goo (10%)
    • Blizzard magic is each spell: (15) Munny x30, Blizzard Arts (100%), Frost Gem (40%), Mystery Goo (20%)
  • Thunder: A light appears above the White Mushroom.
    • Thunder magic is third spell: (15) Munny x50, Thunder Shard (100%), Thunder Gem (10%), Mystery Goo (10%)
    • Thunder magic is each spell: (15) Munny x50, Thunder Arts (100%), Thunder Gem (40%), Mystery Goo (20%)
  • Cure: The White Mushroom falls to the ground.
    • Cure magic is third spell: (15) Munny x50, Bright Shard (100%), Bright Gem (10%), Mystery Goo (10%)
    • Cure magic is each spell: (15) Munny x50, Cure Arts (100%), Bright Gem (40%), Mystery Goo (20%)
  • Gravity: The White Mushroom floats into the air.
    • Gravity magic is third spell: (15) Munny x70, Lucid Shard (100%), Lucid Gem (10%), Mystery Goo (10%)
    • Gravity magic is each spell: (15) Munny x70, Gravity Arts (100%), Lucid Gem (40%), Mystery Goo (20%)
  • Stop: The White Mushroom freezes in place.
    • Stop magic is third spell: (15) Munny x70, Power Shard (100%), Power Gem (10%), Mystery Goo (10%)
    • Stop magic is each spell: (15) Munny x70, Stop Arts (100%), Power Gem (40%), Mystery Goo (20%)
  • Aero: The White Mushroom spins around rapidly.
    • Aero magic is third spell: (15) Munny x70, Spirit Shard (100%), Spirit Gem (10%), Mystery Goo (10%)
    • Aero magic is each spell: (15) Munny x70, Aero Arts (100%), Spirit Gem (40%), Mystery Goo (20%)



  • In Kingdom Hearts, if a White Mushroom falls from an edge after being attacked, it will not get angry, it will immediately disappear instead. Similarly, if a White Mushroom's request gets fulfilled and it falls from an edge, it will immediately indicate the next spell without showing its joy.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ a b 1 Tech Points is obtained each time Sora demonstrates the correct spell, and 10 are obtained for demonstrating the same three spells.
  2. ^ The White Mushrooms will stop appearing in Traverse Town after the second episode.
  3. ^ The White Mushrooms in the Hades Cup will not relinquish orbs or items.
  4. ^ a b In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, the White Mushrooms at the Tree House and Undersea Cave do not relinquish prizes and instead trigger the Pink Agaricus encounter.