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An Unfamiliar Town

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"An Unfamiliar Town" (見知らぬ街 Mishiranu Machi?, lit. "Strange City") is the final ending of Kingdom Hearts Union χ, following "Destinations". It ends with the phase "An Oath to Return".


Screenshot of the An Unfamiliar Town cutscene from KHUX

Brain awakens in an unfamiliar town. A hooded man approaches Brain and gives him his hat, as if he was expecting Brain to arrive. The man introduces himself as Sigurd and, holding a hand to his ear, makes a report. Sigurd explains that Brain's escape from Daybreak Town and his arrival at this particular place and time had been decided, offering a confused Brain further explanation on their way to "headquarters".

Brain and Sigurd continue walking, arriving at a square with an elaborate fountain. Brain immediately recognizes the statue on top of the fountain: Ephemer, wielding the Master's Defender. Master Ephemer, Sigurd explains, was the original Keyblade Master and the founder of the town, Scala ad Caelum. Brain responds that he knows – and that Ephemer was a good friend.

An Oath to Return


Characters in order of appearance[edit]

  • A statue of Ephemer is present in the square


"An Unfamiliar Town"