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King Louie

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This article is about the orangutan.
You may be looking for one of Donald's nephews.

King Louie (キング・ルーイ Kingu Rūi?) is a character in Kingdom Hearts χ. He is an orangutan and the king of a clan of apes.


Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

King Louie's power was channelled by the Book of Prophecies to make the King Louie and Mowgli & Pals medals.


King Louie first appeared in Disney's 1967 film The Jungle Book, voiced by the late Louis Prima. He is notable for being one of the few characters to have never appeared in Rudyard Kipling's original works. In the film, he is the king of the Bandar-log ape tribe who seeks to learn the secret of fire, "man's red flower," to become a human. He sends the Bandar-log to abduct Mowgli due to believing that Mowgli, as a "man-cub," has the power to make fire. However, Mowgli has no such knowledge, so Louie continues to goad answers out of Mowgli until Baloo arrives with Bagheera to rescue Mowgli. A chase ensues, resulting in the destruction of Louie's empire.

Louie also appears in the film's 1994 and 2016 live-action remakes, as well as the Jungle Cubs and TaleSpin television series.