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Oh no! The water! I'm in big trouble if I don't fetch it!
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This article is about the Heartless.
You may be looking for the Shiva Gummi Ship Model.

The Shiva<span style="font-weight: normal">&#32;(<span class="t_nihongo_kanji" style="white-space:nowrap" lang="ja" xml:lang="ja">タイタン</span><span class="t_nihongo_comma" style="display:none">,</span>&#32;<i>Shiva</i><span class="t_nihongo_help noprint"><sup><span class="t_nihongo_icon" style="color: #00e; font: bold 80% sans-serif; text-decoration: none; padding: 0 .1em;">?</span></sup></span>)</span> Heartless that was introduced in a Olaf avatar part cross campaign in December 2018.

Japanese シヴァ
Rōmaji Shiva

Type Emblem Heartless
Games Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
This empress of ice gradually weakens your strength. When she overwrites it to weaken it greatly, she will continue to do so every five turns!

This empress of ice gradually weakens your strength. She also overwrites it to weaken it greatly when the number above her hits 0 or every two turns!

The Shiva is an Emblem Heartless introduced in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. It is the boss of the December 2018 Olaf Doll Union Cross event.


The Shiva is a giant Heartless with a body made mostly out of ice and ice cream. Like nearly all Heartless, it has a shadowed face and glowing yellow eyes.

It has an upside-down ice cream cone on top of its head that has the Heartless emblem on it. A scoop of bluish-white ice cream embedded with rows of diamonds resting between that wafer cone and its bob-shaped hair made of ice. Its boots, the lower half of its sleeves, and the upper part of its dress are also made out of wafer cones. The top of its sleeves and its large hands are made of the same diamond-filled balls of ice cream as the scoop on its head, while the middle part of its sleeves and the large skirt of its dress is made of cyan blue ice cream scoops with vanilla-like swirls and sparkles.

The Heartless is named after Shiva, a recurring ice-elemental summon in the Final Fantasy series.



  • Counterattack: Shiva will counterattack by shooting balls of ice out of its ice cream cone-like sleeves, dealing the player a huge amount of damage.