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Barley Lightfoot

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Barley Lightfoot

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Japanese バーリー
Rōmaji Bārī
Translation Barley
Origin Onward (film)
Game Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Barley Lightfoot

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Barley Lightfoot
Onward (2020)
An Onward collaboration Medal.

Barley Lightfoot is a character who appears in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. He originated from the Disney/Pixar film Onward.


Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

Barley's power is channeled by the Book of Prophecies to make the SN++ - Barley Lightfoot and SN++ - Ian & Barley Medals.


Barley is a rotund, blue-skinned elf with unruly blue hair and brown eyes. He wears a grey beanie, a black T-shirt, spiked bracelets, and a blue denim vest bearing several decorations.


Barley Lightfoot first appeared as the deuteragonist of the Disney/Pixar film Onward, voiced by Chris Pratt. A fearless adrenaline junkie and fan of the tabletop RPG Quests of Yore, Barley had a close bond with his late father Wilden, who later died of a mysterious disease. On his younger brother Ian's 16th birthday, their mother Laurel gives them a staff, a phoenix gem, and instructions for a spell to resurrect Wilden for a day. Ian turns out to have an affinity for magic, but accidentally destroys the gem in an attempt to resurrect their father. The brothers embark on a quest to find a replacement gem to finish the job, with Barley mentoring Ian on magic with his Quests of Yore knowledge.