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Elrena (エルレナ, Erurena?) from the 846 Daybreak Town quest cutscene.

Japanese エルレナ
Rōmaji Erurena
Homeworld Daybreak Town
Game Kingdom Hearts Union χ

Elrena is a Keyblade wielder belonging to the same Union as Strelitzia in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. She is the human form of Larxene.


Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

Sometime prior to the Keyblade War, Elrena was chosen by the Keyblade and joined one of the five Unions. On occasion, Elrena would come into contact with her fellow Union member, Strelitzia, and the two would discuss their missions with one another. Eventually, her aversion to darkness and exceptional abilities attracted the attention of Ava, who extended to Elrena an invitation to join the Dandelions. Elrena then trained under Ava in preparation to venture to the world outside, a world of dreams, and avoid taking part in the Keyblade War alongside the other Dandelions.

When the time came, Elrena left the old world behind and journeyed to the new world, subsequently forgetting everything about the world she had left behind. Elrena would then relive her past experiences alongside the Dandelions, although unaware of the tragedy of the Keyblade War.

Lauriam asks Elrena about Strelitzia.

Upon realizing that Strelitzia was meant to be among the Dandelions, her older brother Lauriam begins searching for her, looking towards the data of the Dandelions recorded from their experiences in the data worlds. Unable to find her, Lauriam approaches Elrena to ask her about Strelitzia. Although Elrena admits to having known Strelitzia, she is unable to offer any valuable information herself. Recalling that her Chirithy was friends with Strelitzia's own Chirithy, Elrena summons it. After her Chirithy reveals a connection between Strelitzia's last known whereabouts and Skuld, Elrena and Lauriam part ways, with her opting to investigate Strelitzia's disappearance on her own.

Screenshot of the Strelitzia's Whereabouts cutscene from KHUX
Elrena sees a glitch of Strelitzia.

After entering the building where Strelitzia had last been seen, Elrena and her Chirithy find themselves alone. However, just as they are about to leave, they witness a projection of Strelitzia's final moments. She and her Chirithy try to trigger the projection multiple times, but to no avail, leading Elrena to contact Lauriam. Upon arrival, he thanks Elrena for her assistance, crediting her with the progress he'd been able to make towards finding Strelitzia, but when she tells him that Strelitzia had been seen, he bursts into the abandoned house calling his sister's name. Elrena's Chirithy then adds that it remembers something from the last time it had spoken with Strelitzia's Chirithy, where it mentioned Strelitzia wanting to induct Player into the Dandelions in order to save them from the imminent Keyblade War. This reminds Elrena of Ava's speech to the Dandelions, noting how what Chirithy had said was odd considering that, from her perspective, the Keyblade War never ended up happening. Hearing this, Lauriam realizes that Strelitzia definitively knew that the Keyblade War was coming, suggesting that she possessed knowledge only the Union leaders were meant to have.

Later, Elrena comes to the tower to tell Lauriam that she has new information about Strelitzia. Elrena's Chirithy claims to have seen someone that looked like Strelitzia headed toward town alongside someone in a black coat. Elrena then comes with the Union leaders and Player to the basement where they discuss what to do with the remaining lifeboats as the data world is beginning to deteriorate. Elrena expresses that she doesn't believe she deserves to take a spot in one of the lifeboats because she isn't a Union leader, but Lauriam tells her that she gave him hope for finding Strelitzia and urges her to help him find her, to which she agrees. Elrena takes a lifeboat alongside Lauriam, Ventus, and Brain to return to the real world. Quest 978: What Comes After

Screenshot of the Destinations cutscene from KHUX featuring Elrena
Elrena appears to be alone after escaping Daybreak Town in the lifeboat.

Back in the real world, Brain tells Lauriam and Elrena to each take a lifeboat alongside Ventus and escape from the collapsing Daybreak Town. Elrena waves to Brain before the lifeboat closes and the tower shakes with a strong tremor as the three lifeboats are launched. Elrena is later seen lying unconscious on a desolate and stormy cliff in Enchanted Dominion. Quest 979: The Final Battle


Elrena is a young girl with a slender build and aquamarine eyes. Her hair is blonde and unkempt, with two spikes at the front that resemble antennae. Her attire resembles a school uniforms, with a white shirt, black tie, belt, and dress, and a turquoise jacket and boots. On her jacket is a chain that attaches to her back.


Elrena is helpful and supportive as she tried to help Lauriam solve the mystery of his sister's disappearance. She is shown to be deeply touched by Lauriam's devotion to his sister, and that Strelitzia had thought highly of her. Her Chirithy notes that she usually does not concern herself with other people's business, suggesting that Elrena is not a very social person.