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Brilliant Opera

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Brilliant Opera

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
This low-defense foe has various healing abilities, lowers your strength, and unleashes a great attack when its HP gets low. It heals after your slot 4 attack!

The Brilliant Opera is an Emblem Heartless introduced in Kingdom Hearts Union χ during the "Defeat Brilliant Opera" Event in February 2021.


The Brilliant Opera a variant of the Apricot Opera, itself a more powerful form of the Yellow Opera. The body of the Heartless is covered by green leaves, and its armored head is made up of a yellow-orange plant-like material. It has purple thorns at its base and green thorns at its head that mimic the jagged curly tip of the other Heartless in its family.

Like other Heartless in its family, the Brilliant Opera's name is comprised of a color — in this case, vert brilliant, a bright shade of green — and a musical term — in this case, an opera, referring to the score of a theatrical work combining drama, music, song, and sometimes dance.