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Gummi Golem

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Gummi Golem

The Gummi Golem (カラフルグミゴーレム, Karafuru Gumi Gōremu?, lit. "Colorful Gummi Golem") Heartless boss from Quest 910.

Japanese カラフルグミゴーレム
Rōmaji Karafuru Gumi Gōremu
Translation Colorful Gummi Golem

Type Emblem Heartless
Game Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Gummi Saucer
Gear Golem
Gummi Golem

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
This foe paralyzes you, lowers your strength, and reflects 10% of the damage you deal with Upright Medals!

The Gummi Golem is an Emblem Heartless that was introduced in Kingdom Hearts Union χ and acts as the last boss of Cy-Bug Sector.