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Mog (KHχ)

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Mog from the 715 Daybreak Town quest

Japanese モグ
Rōmaji Mogu
Homeworld Daybreak Town
Game Kingdom Hearts χ

Mog[1] is a Keyblade wielder who appears in Kingdom Hearts χ.


Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

Recognized for his skill with a Keyblade and aversion to darkness, Mog was chosen by Ava at an unknown point to join the Dandelions, training in order to prepare for the journey to the world outside when the Keyblade War began. As a result, however, Mog lost all of his memories of the past world alongside the rest of the Dandelions, and would carry on with his missions as per usual with a new Union Cross in place.

Mog joined a party with three other Dandelions, and they came upon the Ferocious Fins when it stormed the Moogle's shop and attacked Player. Player then joined the party, working alongside them to pin down the Heartless, though it proved to be too strong in the water. The party sent Player to locate the valve that would drain the water from the area while they kept it busy, though when Player returned, he found Mog and the others worn from the battle. In the end, their efforts proved successful, with Mog and the rest of his party gathering the Lux from the Heartless as reward.

Though Mog was unable to take part in the party's next mission, he would later make up the difference, feeling as though he needed to prove himself by tracking down and destroy the Chill Ripper Heartless spotted in the Dwarf Woodlands. Player volunteered to accompany Mog, as he was uneasy to let their friend embark on a mission alone. With Player's help, Mog is able to defeat the Heartless and catch up with the rest of their party's progress.

On Halloween, Player makes plans with the other members of their party to meet at a haunted house in order to celebrate the holiday together. Mog attempts to convince the others that they should try and scare Player. However, the plan backfires when the Crown Pretender and its underlings kidnap the other party members. Upon arrival, Player saves their captured friends, and despite it having been Mog's plan, he is late, forcing him to run after his friends when they leave.

A few months later, Player hurries to the Winter Party being held at the Moogle's shop, only for Player and Mog to discover that the entire shop and the Moogle has been frozen solid. Mog explains that the Moogle was planning a surprise for them, and suggests that the Heartless are to blame for the cold conditions. Due to the Moogle's repairs after the incident with the Ferocious Fins, they cannot access the waterways from the shop, so Player suggests that they enter from the 2nd District instead. The two manage to track down and eliminate the Icy Beast Heartless. Returning to the Moogle's shop, Player and Mog find that the shop is still frozen. Upon further investigation, Mog finds a snow machine. After turning it off, the Moogle's shop thaws, and so Mog and Player help the Moogle to prepare for the Winter Party.

On Valentine's Day, Mog and the rest of the party introduce Snow White to the holiday. Snow White bakes pies for the Seven Dwarfs to show her appreciation for her friends, and so Mog and co. venture into the mine in order to tell the Dwarfs about their surprise. Mog races the Dwarfs back to the cottage, only to find the Sinister Sweets has interrupted Snow White's baking. Mog attempts to take down the Heartless, though it proves to be too powerful for him. After the cavalry arrives to take care of the Heartless, Mog is overjoyed when the girls of the group reveal that they also made some apple pies to share with the other members of their party.

Mog later helps his party pin the Fluttering Heartless in one of the marketplace's warehouses, but they are overwhelmed. Player arrives and goes after the Heartless alone, following it through a Corridor of Darkness, though it closes behind him before the rest of his party can catch up.

For their next mission, Mog is told to meet everyone by the docks, and when Mog fails to show up, Player is sent to find him. Eventually, Player discovers Mog in the sewers, arriving just as he defeats a Chill Ripper. Mog explains that he had gone off on his own to prove to himself that he possessed the strength to take down powerful Heartless without any help. When a Gummi Hound approaches Mog from behind, he and Player defeat it. Once Mog and Player return to the docks, they are scolded for being late. Mog asks Player not to tell anyone that he had gone off on his own again and receives a stern reminder that they are a team. With that, Mog and Player learn that they are going to the beach for their mission, and that it would be best if they had their bathing suits.

Mog, Player, and the rest of the party take a boat to the beach, where they receive their mission to clear the Heartless that have assembled there. With the Heartless gone, everyone gets changed, though before they can get into the water, another Keyblade wielder reveals that some kind of monster is in the water and that he was the only one from his own party left alive and suggests that they all return home. Although disheartened, the party is encouraged by their leader not to give up on "Operation: Play at the Beach", and rally together to take down whatever stands in their way. Their presence on the beach attracts the massive Shipwreck Shark Heartless, and after a long battle, Mog and the rest of the party finally get have fun on the beach.


Mog has blue eyes and brown hair, and he wears a Moogle costume complete with the large red pom-pom and purple bat-like wings. Mog wears a pair of blue goggles with fin-like arms, a black sleeveless shirt with pale blue detailing, a yellow belt across his chest, a bright blue belt to hold up a black bag on his waist and his blue pants, which change to a gray pattern at the knees, and a pair of black and gray boots.


Mog appears to have the closest relationship to Player, and is very open with the latter about his desire to prove his strength to himself. However, this also makes Mog rather reckless, as he often ventures off on his own in order to defeat Heartless to feel equal to his fellow party members, perhaps indicating that he is somewhat insecure as well.


Main article: Moogle O' Glory

Mog wields the third upgrade of the Moogle O' Glory Keyblade.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross], Quest No. 709: "Mog went to the dock. I'm waiting on the others. Now that I think about it, he left a while ago. Can you go and see what he's up to?"