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Shipwreck Shark

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Issues: Kingdom Hearts Union χ information and stats

Shipwreck Shark

The Savage Shark (サベージシャーク, Sabēji Shāku?) Heartless boss from quest 725.

Japanese サベージシャーク
Rōmaji Sabēji Shāku
Translation Savage Shark

Type Emblem Heartless
Game Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Large Body
Fat Bandit
Large Armor
Clay Armor
Solid Armor
Land Armor
Large Snowman
Huge Snowman
Ferocious Fins
Icy Beast
Helmed Body
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KHUχ tracks
Battle theme - The Encounter
Shipwreck Shark

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
The number above this ocean menace gets smaller as you attack. Once it reaches 0, it'll paralyze you with more than just fear.

The Shipwreck Shark is a Emblem Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts Union χ.


Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

After defeating all the Heartless for their missions, Player and the Dandelions in their party prepare to enjoy the rest of the day at the beach. Their fun meets a short end when another Dandelion tells them that the beach is off limits, suggesting that a massive Heartless had eliminated the other members in his party. Though disheartened, the Dandelions receive some words of encouragement and work together to confront the Shipwreck Shark so that they can continue with "Operation: Play on the Beach".