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Emerald Sonata

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Emerald Sonata

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
True to its name, this hospitable horror recovers the HP of its allies. Defeat it before you find yourself in a never-ending battle!

The Emerald Sonata is an Emblem Heartless that appeared in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. It can heal Heartless groups more effectively than the Green Requiem.


The Emerald Sonata design is a variation of the Green Requiem's one with large wings on its back, lightning bolts motifs on the hat and star-shaped motifs on the body.

Like other Heartless in its family, the Emerald Sonata's name is comprised of a color—in this case, emerald, a shade of green—and a musical term—in this case, a sonata, a piece of music played by instruments instead of being sung by a singer.