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Mr. Mittens

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Mr. Mittens

Mr. Mittens KHUX.png

Japanese ミトンズ
Rōmaji Mitonzu
Translation Mittens
Origin Soul (2020 film)
Game Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Mr. Mittens

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Mr. Mittens
Soul (2020)
A Soul collaboration Medal.

Mr. Mittens is a character in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. He originates from the Disney/Pixar film Soul, making him and Joe the first two characters who debuted on Disney+ to appear in the Kingdom Hearts series.


Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

Mr. Mittens's power is channeled by the Book of Prophecies to create the : SN++ - Mr. Mittens and SN++ - Joe & Mr. Mittens Medals.


Mr. Mittens is a calico cat with brown, black, and white fur and green eyes.


Mr. Mittens first appeared in the Pixar film Soul. In the film, he is a therapy cat who accompanies Joe Gardner after he falls down a sewer and put in a hospital. When Joe and 22 return from the Great Before, Joe ends up in Mr. Mittens's body, while Mr. Mittens's soul is thrust into the Great Beyond. Eventually, Joe and Mr. Mittens's souls return to their respective bodies.