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King Candy

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King Candy

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Katakana キャンディ大王 Other Emblem.png
Rōmaji Kyandi Daiō
Homeworld Candy Kingdom
Game Central Station
Origin Wreck-It Ralph
Game Kingdom Hearts Union χ

King Candy is a character from Candy Kingdom in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. He originated in the Disney film, Wreck-It Ralph.


Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

While the events occur, King Candy was responsible for putting the Heartless in the game's code.




King Candy first appeared as the main antagonist of the 2012 Disney film Wreck-It Ralph, voiced by Alan Tudyk. He was originally Turbo, the attention-loving lead character from the fictional racing game TurboTime, but when RoadBlasters came and took the attention away from TurboTime, Turbo became jealous and tried to take over RoadBlasters, resulting in both games being taken away. To regain his popularity, he usurped the racing game Sugar Rush from its princess, Vanellope, hacking the game's code to reduce her into a glitch.

In the film, he encounters Wreck-It Ralph after he breaks into the Nightly Roster Race to regain his medal from Vanellope. King Candy orders his guards to throw Ralph out of the game, but Ralph meets with Vanellope and helps her get into the race. When his minions are unable to find the duo, King Candy finds Ralph's medal in the game's code and manipulates him into destroying Vanellope's kart before abducting her. However, Ralph reconciles with Vanellope and frees her. During the race, King Candy discovers that Vanellope has broken free and tries to kill her when she accidentally exposes him as Turbo. She manages to teleport away, and he is eaten by a Cy-Bug, but he merges with the virus. Now believing he can take over any game of his choice the arcade, Turbo engages Ralph in a brief fight before forcing him to watch Vanellope meet her end to the Cy-Bugs, but Ralph breaks free and activates a beacon from Diet-Cola Mountain, which Cy-Bugs are weak to. Though Turbo tries to resist the Cy-Bug's instincts, he ultimately succumbs and perishes.