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Trick Ghost (KHUχ)

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This article is about the enemy from Kingdom Hearts Union χ.
You may be looking for the enemy from Kingdom Hearts II.
Trick Ghost

The 'Trick Ghost (トリックゴースト, Torikku Gōsuto?) Heartless that was introduced during the New Heartless! event in June 2019.

Japanese トリックゴースト
Rōmaji Torikku Gōsuto

Type Emblem Heartless
Game Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Search Ghost
Grand Ghost
Hover Ghost
Carrier Ghost
Living Pod
Rush Ghost
Shred Ghost
Trick Ghost

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
This specter absorbs Magic-based attacks and lowers your strength. The number above it gets smaller with every hit, and it counterattacks at 0!

The Trick Ghost is an Emblem Heartless that was introduced in Kingdom Hearts Union χ.