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Wind-Up Leaf Cake

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Wind-Up Leaf Cake

Wind-Up Leaf Cake KHX.png

Japanese ワインドアップリーフケーキ
Rōmaji Waindoappu Rīfu Kēki

Type Emblem Heartless
Game Kingdom Hearts χ
Chomper Egg
Wind-Up Leaf Cake

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
A soft and sweet exterior belies a hardened foe with high defenses. Take down this support-type enemy before it can heal its allies and reinforce their resistance!

The Wind-Up Leaf Cake is an Emblem Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts χ during the Boys' Day event in 2014.


The Wind-Up Leaf Cake is based on a treat served on Boys' Day -- kashiwa mochi, which is mochi (rice cake) wrapped in oak leaves and filled with red bean jam.

The Heartless iteration of this treat has a white body, meant to represent the mochi. Its body has a zigzag maw revealing a black face with yellow eyes; its maw ends with a pink spiral. The inside of its maw is a deep red, possibly representing the red bean jam. On its head and back are green and greenish-yellow oak leaves and part of a leaf stem which ends in an orange spiral. The top of its head has a gold kashiradate, or top decoration, the same kind seen on the Swordsman and Gilled Glider—this decoration appears to be a theme among Heartless that appear on the Boys' Day event.