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Organization XIII Device

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It's a struggle just to remember the name now.
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This article is about a topic that has not been named in any official Square Enix material. Its title is merely a placeholder.
An Organization XIII Device in the Lamp Chamber, before the third battle with Xion.

The Organization XIII Devices, referred to simply as the "devices" by Xemnas, are items created by Organization XIII which are used by Xion to power herself with a different form and weapons in her multi-form boss battle. Organization XIII used these devices to grant power to Xion to eliminate and absorb Roxas. Xion uses them by absorbing them, causing the devices to drop to the ground, worthless.

There are three of these devices placed in three worlds that Roxas is transported to during his fight with Xion. The first one is placed in the Bizarre Room in Wonderland. The device gives Xion large, colorful wings and a huge, orange and red, intricately-shaped sword. It is unknown who placed this device.

The second device is placed in the Manor Ruins of Halloween Town. This device gives Xion a large, pincer-like weapon vaguely resembling The Experiment's arm or a Chimera right arm. It is unknown who placed this device.

The third Organization XIII device is inside the Lamp Chamber in Agrabah. This device gives Xion a figure with four huge arms, decorated with elegant, gold, purple and red designs. She also has large blades instead of hands, resembling Kurt Zisa. Roxas placed this device in Agrabah during Mission 90.


  • Each of the devices is located near its world's respective Keyhole.