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Rainy Loudmouth

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Issues: Kingdom Hearts χ information and stats; etymology

Rainy Loudmouth

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Japanese レイニーラウドネス
Rōmaji Reinī Raudonesu
Translation Rainy Loudness

Type Emblem Heartless
Game Kingdom Hearts χ
Flare Note
Bubble Beat
Rainy Loudmouth

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Inflicts enemies with paralysis. If you encounter this Heartless in a group, defeat it first before it toots its own horn!

The Rainy Loudmouth is an Emblem Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts χ.


As customary with other Heartless of its species, the Rainy Loudmouth's body is round and limbless, with a Heartless emblem centered on its chest. The body is a mixture of several different shades of blue, with a large raindrop and water ripple on the lower part of its body. Its neck is a bright yellow. It has two short, turquoise colored horns on both sides of its head, and a matching pattern decorating the top of its head in a headphone like fashion. The Rainy Loudmouth has two beady, yellow eyes and a periwinkle bell resembling that of a musical instrument. The head and attached antenna resemble that of an eighth note, with the head starting a dark navy blue and slowly lightening up as the antenna grows.