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Maurice KHX.png

Katakana モーリス Other Emblem.png
Rōmaji Mōrisu
Homeworld Beast's Castle
Origin Beauty and the Beast (1991)
Game Kingdom Hearts χ

Maurice is a character in Kingdom Hearts χ. He originally appeared in the animated film Beauty and the Beast and is Belle's father.


Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

When Maurice falls ill, the Beast allows Belle to leave the castle so she can help him. They are ambushed by Rabid Dog Heartless, but the player rescues them. Belle asks the player to return to Beast as she accompanies Maurice home. After he recovers, he realizes that Belle liked the castle.

After he and Belle learn that Gaston seeks to slay the Beast, they return to the castle to aid the latter. However, Gaston notices them while attacking Beast, who isn't fighting back, and summons the Enraged Elk Heartless to attack them. The player has Maurice and Belle continue forwards, staying behind to defeat the Heartless. After the death of Gaston and the Beast has regained his human appearance, Maurice cheerfully observes Belle and Prince Adam dancing in the ballroom.



Maurice first appeared in Walt Disney's Academy Award winning film, Beauty and the Beast, voiced by Rex Everhart. He is an eccentric inventor whose misunderstood ideas have made him the laughingstock of the village in the eyes of all but his beloved daughter, Belle. When she trades her freedom to the Beast in exchange for her father's safety, Maurice desperately tries to save her, but fails to reach the castle and collapses amidst a ferocious blizzard. The Beast, having fallen for Belle, frees her so that she can save her father. The two later return to the castle during Gaston's siege in order to help the Beast. Once Gaston was defeated and the curse on the castle was lifted, Maurice is able to live out the rest of his life, knowing his daughter has found happiness with her one true love.

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