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This article is about the digital incarnation.
You may be looking for the boss and replica data.
??? (Roxas)


Japanese ???? (ロクサス)
Rōmaji ???? (Rokusasu)

Type Construct
Games Kingdom Hearts coded
Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
Roxas's Replica Data
??? (Roxas)

Kingdom Hearts coded
A boy who used cards to guide Sora in the datascape version of Castle Oblivion.

While he bears an uncanny resemblance to another boy deeply connected to Sora, it is more than coat and hood that prevent Sora from seeing.

Was this boy just a phantom, a glitch? Or does this data tie into hurtful memories that sleep within Sora's heart?

Sora's final and most formidable opponent in Castle Oblivion, a mysterious figure who attacked with not one Keyblade, but two.
"You say you accept it? It's not a game! It's way past time that you learned what real hurt feels like!"

Data-Roxas is a character that appears in Kingdom Hearts coded. He is the digital version of Roxas. He is the final boss of Re:coded.


Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

Data-Sora encounters a black-coated figure in the Dive to the Heart. Although he later guesses the figure is Data-Riku, who himself initially wears a black coat, Data-Riku informs Data-Sora that their first meeting was on Destiny Islands, leaving Data-Sora to wonder who the first figure was.

The mysterious figure appears again in Castle Oblivion, giving Data-Sora a World Card for Destiny Islands. After obtaining one of the ending cards, the figure returns to give Data-Sora the World Cards for Wonderland, Olympus Coliseum, Agrabah and Hollow Bastion. He returns after Data-Sora obtains the first ending card for each world, mocking Data-Sora for forgetting the people that he thought were important, and advising him to just forget everyone in the illusions, as the hurt from not remembering them would be too painful. However, Data-Sora rejects this idea and tells him that he would keep the burden of the hurt on his heart until he remembered his friends again. After at least one ending card from each world is obtained, the figure challenges Data-Sora into a fight to show him "the true hurt". After being defeated, the figure reveals himself to be a data version of Roxas, and gives Sora the final World Card.


Data-Roxas takes the form of Roxas wearing his black coat with the hood up.

The bugged version of Data-Roxas is completely black, resembling a silhouette, and wields dark versions of the Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades. Data-Roxas's body and Keyblades are covered in and surrounded by glowing, blue panels resembling computer screens.


Data-Roxas is solemn, firm, and quick to anger, similar to the real Roxas. However, he is more ruthless than the real Roxas, as he tries to manipulate Data-Sora and tempts him to break the hearts of the people Data-Sora meets in Castle Oblivion, on the grounds that they are simply data that no one else knows about and will quickly be forgotten. When he confronts Data-Sora for the last time and is unable to convince him to let go of his memories, he resorts to physically assaulting Sora in order to show him what real hurt feels like. In the end, this was revealed to be nothing more then an act, as Data-Roxas is created to see if Data-Sora could withstand hurt and willingly vanishes once his mission is completed.