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Hoder (ヘイズ, Heizu?, lit. "Heiðr") from Episode 7: Reason for Disappearance.

Japanese ヘズ
Rōmaji Hezu
Translation Höðr
Homeworld Scala ad Caelum
Game Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

Hoder is a character in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. She is one of the upper classmen and Baldr's older sister.


Kingdom Hearts Dark Road[edit]

Before Xehanort’s arrival to Scala ad Caelum, Hoder trained there under Master Odin and became good friends with a fellow Keyblade wielder, Vidar. Although not in the same class, her younger brother, Baldr, began training at the same school. The two were close, and Baldr felt safe around Hoder due to the light he sensed in her heart. Unbeknownst to Hoder, after some time, a darkness began to take root inside Baldr’s heart.

During her Mark of Mastery at the Enchanted Dominion, Hoder leaves the rest of her classmates to seek out and challenge the evil fairy. The true darkness tails her, using Baldr’s concern for his sister as an excuse to reveal itself to her. Hoder dies in front of Baldr, causing him to fall unconscious. Heimdall, Helgi, and Sigrun are killed soon after.

After dying, Hoder finds herself in a world with a never-ending sky and ocean, alongside her other deceased classmates. They make a deal with Hades to appear in the Underworld, where they meet Xehanort and Eraqus. They explain that Hoder had sacrificed herself to save Baldr from the evil fairy, before all three succumbed to the same fate. The darkness within Baldr later claims that it instead killed Hoder, exploiting Baldr’s subsequent grief to possess his body, and kill the other three upper classmen. Recognizing the pain Baldr is going through, Hoder asks Xehanort to borrow his heart so that she can reconnect with her brother. When Baldr is completely taken over by the darkness, this plan comes to fruition and she manifests in a semi-translucent form before them both. Episode 7: Reason for Disappearance

Hoder tries to comfort Baldr, listening as he talks about how his fears and worries warped his worldview. Hoder reassures Baldr, telling him he no longer needs to feel fear and reaching out her hand as a peace offering to him. Baldr goes to take her hand, but instead, the two clash Keyblades. Neither of them are surprised by this betrayal, yet, Hoder makes another attempt to embrace her brother before Master Odin intervenes. While Xehanort is hesitant to take Baldr’s life as he is restrained, Hoder is resolute, raising her blade against Baldr once more. Baldr is able to counter her attack, and both siblings fall to the floor, severely weakened. In her final moments, Hoder reaches out for him, before fading into light. Her sacrifice is not in vain, as it weakens Baldr enough for Xehanort to deal the final blow. Last Episode: The Seven Lights and Thirteen Darknesses


Hoder is a youth with short white hair and silver eyes, similar to her younger brother, Baldr. She wears a white-collared dress with a black trim. The garment is asymmetrical, flowing down on one side and halting at her thigh on the other. Like her classmates, her outfit has a traditional Japanese influence. Around her waist is a black obi, with a yellow cord or obijime, wrapped around it. In the center of the obijime, acting as a obidome, is a golden charm in the shape of the symbol worn by all of her classmates.

In Norse mythology, Höðr is Balder's blind brother and eventual killer.


Like her classmates, Hoder wields the Keyblade.