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Oh no! The water! I'm in big trouble if I don't fetch it!
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Neoshadow Render

Neoshadow KHD.png

ripped from the game

Field sprite in Chain of Memories

Japanese ネオシャドウ
Rōmaji Neoshadō

Type Pureblood Heartless
Games Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts II
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix
Kingdom Hearts χ
Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

Kingdom Hearts
A Heartless that travels in packs.
Combining their powers allows them to attack Sora while also healing themselves. Leaving even just one alive will result in a never-ending battle.
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
A nimble Heartless that swims through the shadows.
Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
An extremely agile Heartless.
It dives into shadows before it pops up in front of its enemy and delivers a rolling attack. The Neoshadow moves in the shadows, making it a difficult opponent to fight.
Kingdom Hearts II
It produces a shadow on the ground before attacking. Catch it off guard right after it attacks.
Once it tries to jump and attack, use the reaction command Aerial Dance for a flurry of attacks!
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
A Pureblood Heartless that flows across the ground as a shadow, completely immune to attack.
It may unleash a shockwave as it emerges, so stay on guard.
Block when it charges you to earn a few precious seconds during which you can deal double damage.
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
A Heartless whose heart has been lost within the darkness.
It looks and acts like a Shadow, but is more agile.
Kingdom Hearts Union χ
A Heartless that believes in strength in numbers. Quite the team player.

'KH III Neoshadow
These Heartless appear everywhere and hit hard and fast with their jump attacks.

A fearsome foe and jack-of-all-trades boasting boosted attack power, poison, and more. Charge your special attack gauge before engaging in this battle!
Kingdom Hearts III
These souped-up Shadows hit hard and fast with their jump attacks; if they're in the air, better get out of there.

Once they melt into the ground, they're beyond the reach of most attacks, but that's nothing a little Water magic can't fix. Fight puddles with puddles!

End of the World 150 40 30 55 400[1]
Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder
x1.0 x0.49 x0.5 x0.5
Gravity Stop Stun Other
x0 x0.2 x0.5 x0.5
Defeat 1st to 6th Neoshadow
(15) MP prize x5

Defeat 7th Neoshadow
(1) HP prize x20, (5) HP prize x5
Stormy Stone (35%)
End of the World
Floor Basement HP AP EXP

12 1 237 13 285
13 252 14 310
Physical Fire Blizzard Thunder Neutral
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0
Gravity Stun Stop Warp
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0
Bind Confuse Terror Magnet Freeze
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0

Duel Stats
No. of Cards Card Values Time
5 cards 2, 6, 8 6 s
Castle Oblivion
Enemy Card
Neoshadow (card).png
Ability Duration Cost
Bio 1 reload 25 CP
Causes enemies HP to gradually drop.
Location HP Strength Defense EXP
Radiant Garden
Post-episode 2, pre-episode 3
74 32 18 159
Radiant Garden
Episode 3
92 42 24 310
The Land of Dragons
Episode 2
76 34 19 170
Beast's Castle
Episode 2
77 34 19 182
Olympus Coliseum
Episode 2
82 37 21 220
Port Royal
Episode 2
79 35 20 194
Episode 2
84 37 21 234
Halloween Town
Episode 2
86 39 22 248
Pride Lands
Episode 2
89 40 23 278
The World That Never Was 100 45 26 400
Physical Fire Blizzard
×1.0 ×1.0 ×1.0
Thunder Dark Neutral
×1.0 ×1.0 ×1.0

MP prize (1) ×2, Munny (5) ×2
Lucid Crystal (8%), Bright Crystal (4%)
Radiant Garden, The Land of Dragons, Beast's Castle, Olympus Coliseum, Port Royal, Agrabah, Halloween Town, Pride Lands, The World That Never Was
Cup HP Strength Defense
Titan Cup

Match 5: 3 Neoshadow

86 39 22
Titan Paradox Cup

Match 5: 3 Neoshadow

150 70 41
Hades Paradox Cup

Match 17: 4 Neoshadow
Match 26: 1 Neoshadow

181 87 51
Physical Fire Blizzard
×1.0 ×1.0 ×1.0
Thunder Dark Neutral
×1.0 ×1.0 ×1.0
Cup HP Strength Defense
Titan Cup

Match 5: 3 Neoshadow

92 42 24
Titan Paradox Cup

Match 5: 3 Neoshadow

150 70 41
Hades Paradox Cup

Match 17: 4 Neoshadow
Match 26: 1 Neoshadow

181 86 51
Physical Fire Blizzard
×1.0 ×1.0 ×1.0
Thunder Dark Neutral
×1.0 ×1.0 ×1.0
Hearts Munny Stun
29 352 4 44
38 352 4 44
44 352 5 44
93 352 52 44
Fire Blizzard Thunder Aero
x1.35 x1.60 x0.60 x1.70
Ignite Freeze Jolt Air-Toss
x0.40 x0.40 x0.40 x0.40

Missions 15-35
Combo Tech (30%)
Missions 36-50
Lightning Shard (80%)
Missions 73-93

Beast's Castle, Twilight Town, The World That Never Was
Location HP EXP Strength Defense
Realm of Darkness 122 48 26 15
Physical Fire Blizzard Thunder Dark Other
? ? ? ? ? ?
Stun Freeze Mini Blind Ignite Confuse
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0
Bind Poison Slow Stop Sleep Death
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0 x1.0
Zero Gravity Magnet Warp
x1.0 x1.0 x1.0


Shop LV 8
Pulsing Crystal (?%), Mega-Potion (?%), Collision Magnet (?%)

Realm of Darkness
Location HP Strength Defense EXP
Twilight Town 63 25 12 23
San Fransokyo 142 52 26 219
San Fransokyo
(The Final World cleared)
153 55 28 266
Keyblade Graveyard
(Battlegate 0)
177 63 32 371
The Final World 153 55 28 266
Scala ad Caelum 177 63 32 371
Physical Fire Blizzard Thunder Water
×1.0 ×1.0 ×1.0 ×0.7 ×1.0
Aero Dark Neutral Rapid-fire
×1.0 ×0.7 ×1.0 ×1.0
Freeze Electrify Stun Hunny
0 ×1.1

HP prize (1) ×3, Focus prize (5) ×2[2]
Writhing Stone (8%), Wellspring Stone (8%), Writhing Gem (4%)
Twilight Town, San Fransokyo, Keyblade Graveyard, The Final World, Scala ad Caelum

The Neoshadow is a Pureblood Heartless introduced in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

Back when Ventus was the apprentice of Master Xehanort, Xehanort called the boy to the Keyblade Graveyard and then summoned a swarm of Neoshadows for him to fight. Ventus was not strong enough to win with only his light, and although Xehanort ordered him to use the power of darkness to win, Ventus refused and was defeated. Xehanort instead decided to use his Keyblade to forcefully extract the darkness within Ventus's heart, creating Vanitas.

While Aqua is traversing the Realm of Darkness, she battles Neoshadow along with a few other Pureblood Heartless.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

After returning to the World That Never Was in order to reclaim Kingdom Hearts and revitalize Xion, Roxas is attacked by several Neoshadows. He eliminates them, but is forced to side with Riku in order to finish off the rest of the continuously spawning Heartless. As soon as the Heartless are taken care of, however, the two Keyblade wielders turn on each other.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Saïx summons several Neoshadows to attack Sora when he reaches the Hall of Empty Melodies. One of them also shows up in the next room, Naught's Skyway, to attack Mickey Mouse.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

In Twilight Town, Xemnas and Ansem, Seeker of Darkness confront Sora, Donald, and Goofy over Sora's intention to bring Roxas back. When Xemnas claims Roxas can only be returned by Sora giving himself up to darkness, Ansem summons several Neoshadows while proclaiming that "the shadows are never out of reach".


A Neoshadow has a more humanoid body structure than a normal Shadow, but shares the same pitch black skin and spherical, glowing yellow eyes. Its crooked antennae are quite long and fall back behind the Heartless. It seems to be rather muscular, and its hands are very large, each one sporting five clawed fingers. Its feet, like those of a normal Shadow, are long and lack digits, but a Neoshadow's feet more resemble boots. Its body is also lined by several faint, blue veins of color.

In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, the Neoshadow will initially release five unique olive-green hearts within bubbles upon each defeat. These drift to the ground and spawn new Neoshadows, up until the final Neoshadow is defeated, at which point it will release a normal pink heart.

The name "Neoshadow" is derived from the prefix "neo-", which means "new", and "shadow".


Kingdom Hearts Final Mix[edit]

The Neoshadow is stronger and faster than a Shadow, and is more strategic in combat. The Neoshadows are among the most difficult common enemies, working together as a team to defeat Sora. Fighting Neoshadows is a multi-stage battle, and the stages change based on how many Neoshadows are alive. At the beginning of the fight, there are seven Neoshadows, who will attack by jumping into the air and spinning, then launching at Sora similar to the Bandit. They will also use basic melee strikes and sink into the floor to avoid attacks, similar to a Shadow. At this point in the fight, they are vulnerable to Stop magic, but not to Gravity magic.

After there are only four Neoshadows remaining, they change tactics and sink into shadowy portals that appear beneath them on the ground. Afterwards, nine of these portals will appear around Sora, and the Neoshadows will choose random portals to jump out of and attack simultaneously. After attacking, they land on the ground for a brief moment, then the portals reappear beneath them and they sink back into the ground. The only time they can be hurt at this stage is right when they land on the ground, before the portals appear beneath them once again. If a single blow connects with one of them, it opens a short window to execute a combo. At this point, Stop magic no longer affects them.

Once there are only two Neoshadows left, they change tactics once more. In this stage of the fight, a single Neoshadow will wander around the room, and has access to all the attacks and abilities of the earlier stages (instead of several portals appearing on the ground like stage two of the fight, the Neoshadow will just use it as a way to get close to Sora to attack him). It also retains the immunity to Stop magic. While this Neoshadow attacks Sora, the other one appears as a black portal beneath Sora, then partially emerges from it to grab Sora's leg, which prevents him from moving, attacking, or using magic for a brief period. To counter this, Sora can jump when the portal appears beneath him, but cannot hurt this Neoshadow in any way. Instead, Sora must focus on the other Neoshadow that moves around the room, and attempt to kill it instead.

When there is a single Neoshadow remaining, it will move to the center of the room and attempt to summon more Neoshadows. Six portals will appear on the ground in a circle around it, and new Neoshadows will appear within them, attempting to climb out of the portals back into the room. Instead of going after the last remaining Neoshadow, Sora must focus his attacks on the ones emerging from the portals, who will emerge as fully healed Neoshadows after several seconds. Once the emerging Neoshadows are slain, Sora can direct his attention to the final Neoshadow, and defeat it to end the fight. If Sora fails to defeat the new Neoshadows after a certain amount of time, they will emerge from the portals and the fight will reset to whichever stage corresponds to the new number of Neoshadows (7-5 for Stage 1, 4-3 for Stage 2, or 2 for Stage 3).

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Similar to Shadows, Neoshadows sink into shadows in the ground, though they are more aggressive and attack after emerging using Shadow Out. After attacking, they idle for a short duration in which they are open to attack. When damaged, they often counter with Claw Attack, Aerial Rush, or Drop Claw Attack.

A powerful Reaction Command, Wind Dance,[3] can be used to eliminate or intensely damage Neoshadows.

Technique Attribute Effects Power Guard?
Shadow Out (シャドウアウト
Shadou Auto
Physical x1.0
Hit 2+: x0.25
Leaps out of the shadows and spins around.
Claw Attack (引っかき攻撃
Hikkaki Kōgeki
?, lit. "Scratch Attack")
Physical x1.0
Hit 2+: x0.5
Lightly jumps forward and scratches with both claws.
Aerial Rush (空中突進
Kūchū Tosshin
Physical x1.5 O
Rises into the air, then charges in a straight line.
Drop Claw Attack (落下引っかき攻撃
Rakka Hikkaki Kōgeki
?, lit. "Drop Scratch Attack")
Physical x1.0
Jumps high, then scratches with its claws during its descent.
Guard: O = Can be blocked and interrupted/knocked back; △ = Can be blocked, but not interrupted/knocked back; X = Can't be blocked.
Reaction Commands
Reaction Command Attribute Power Description
Wind Dance[3] (エリアルダンス
Eriaru Dansu
?, lit. "Aerial Dance")
Physical Lunge: x0.5
Swing: x0.1 (Final hit: x3.0)
Can be used when a Neoshadow uses Drop Claw Attack.
Jump and lunge repeatedly at the enemy overhead, then swing the Keyblade wildly.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

Neoshadows may prove annoying in groups, so it is advised to keep track of their movements and be ready to block if one begins its charging attack. Glide and Air Slide can be used when it's about to emerge from its Shockwave attack for an easy dodge, where the Neoshadow will then be open to punishment. The usage of magic is advised, as Neoshadows are weak to all magic except Thunder, though physical combos remain effective as long as caution is taken to block any incoming attacks.

While Roxas is dual-wielding Oathkeeper and Oblivion, Neoshadows will most easily fall with physical combos, with one Y-Combo being enough to instantly vanquish a Neoshadow.

Technique Attribute Effects Power Guard?
Scratch Attack (ひっかき攻撃 Hikkaki Kōgeki?) Attack icon 1.43
Jumps forward and scratches at the target several times.
Rush (突進 Tosshin?) Attack icon 1.54
Jumps in the air and charges head-first at the target.
Shockwave (衝撃波 Shōgekiha?) Attack icon Flower Blind (40%) 1.70 X
Dives into the ground, then after a few seconds launches itself up below the target, creating a shockwave upon emerging.
Guard: O = Can be blocked and interrupted/knocked back; △ = Can be blocked, but not interrupted/knocked back; X = Can't be blocked.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

They have the same attacks as in previous games, but can no longer heal themselves. Their attacks can be blocked, but can also send Sora flying if not blocked. However, if Sora quickly uses Aerial Recovery and then Payback Strike, then the Neoshadow will be staggered and open to a full combo or two, which can easily reduce their HP to 0. Their Air Rush attack will trigger Risk Dodge if blocked.

Water attacks and magic can be used to get the Neoshadows out of the ground, just like for regular Shadows.

Technique Attribute Power Guard? Repel LV
Scratch (引っかき Hikkaki?) Physical 1.2 2
Scratches with both hands.
Fall Scratch (落下引っかき Rakka Hikkaki?) Physical 1.2 △ (Risk Dodge) 3
Jumps high, swoops, and scratches with both hands.
Aerial Rush (空中突進 Kūchū Tosshin?) Physical 1.5 ◯ (Risk Dodge) 3
Curls its body and rams opponents from a low altitude.
Shadow Out (シャドウアウト Shadou Auto?) (emergence) Physical 1.0 2

(sideways spin) Physical 0.65 2
Melts into the ground and approaches opponents, then jumps out and drops down while spinning sideways.
Guard: O = Can be blocked and interrupted/knocked back; △ = Can be blocked, but not interrupted/knocked back; X = Can't be blocked.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Only the last Neoshadow grants EXP.
  2. ^ Neoshadows drop Munny (10) ×4 when defeated in the Battlegate instead.
  3. ^ a b "Wind Dance" is also referred to as "Aerial Dance" in Jiminy's Journal.