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Fire Plant

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Fire Plant

Fire Plant KHD.png

taken from Kingdom Hearts Insider

Japanese ファイアプラント
Rōmaji Faia Puranto

Type Emblem Heartless
Games Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Kingdom Hearts χ
Creeper Plant
Dire Plant
Ice Plant
Poison Plant
Dark Plant
Red Rose
White Rose
Creeper Bouquet
Prank Bouquet
Fire Plant

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
These mid-sized plant Heartless are rooted to the ground.
They strike from afar with bouncing fireballs, but are slow to react. A nimble fighter can easily get behind them and eliminate them from the rear.
Kingdom Hearts Union χ
This fiery flower paralyzes opponents and boosts its own strength during battle.
Hearts Munny Stun
15 16
16 137 2 26
18 137 2 26
24 137 2 26
30 137 3 26
48 137 3 26
68 189 6 48
Fire Blizzard Thunder Aero
x-0.10 x8.00 x1.00 x3.00
Ignite Freeze Jolt Air-Toss
x0 x1.50 x0.50 x0

Missions 15-35
Blazing Shard (10%)
Missions 36-50
Blazing Shard (30%)
Missions 62-72
Blazing Gem (60%)


The Fire Plant is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts χ.


The Fire Plant resembles a large flower. Its base is black and is surrounded by four red leaves, while its stem is light green. Its hexagonal face is black with yellow border. Its mouth is jagged and its eyes are glowing yellow. Its face is decorated by four orange flower petals with red edges. The Heartless emblem is emblazoned on the lower half of its body.

The Fire Plant's name reflects its ability to conjure fire, as well as its flower-like appearance. It also refers to a species of plant sometimes called a fireplant.


Fire Plants are easily defeated, as they remain stationary and have little HP. They do, however, shoot bouncing orbs of fire from their maw, which may cause the Ignited status effect if they make contact with Roxas. These fireballs can be avoided through the use of Dodge Roll, and a chain of aerial combos can quickly deplete a Fire Plant's short HP bar, but be careful of the Fire Plants' only physical attack, one that involves it slamming its head against the ground directly in front of it several times. This particular attack is best avoided with Glide or Dodge Roll. Blizzard magic is also highly recommended as a means of quickly eliminating a Fire Plant.

Technique Attribute Effects Power Guard?
Bouncing Fire Bullet (はねまわる火の弾
Hane Mawaru Hi No Dan
Attack icon Fire Ignite (30%) 0.98
Fires a fireball which bounces along the ground towards the target.
Guard: O = Can be blocked and interrupted/knocked back; △ = Can be blocked, but not interrupted/knocked back; X = Can't be blocked.