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Festive Fireworks

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Festive Fireworks

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
These pretty pyrotechnics are immune to status ailments. Use special attacks to win the battle with a bang!

The Festive Fireworks is an Emblem Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts χ. It appeared during the Summer event in 2013.


The Festive Fireworks's dark blue body is smooth and conical shape, a characteristic shared amongst Heartless of its type. It has two yellow eyes and a dark colored head that rest in the pink, collar-like indention its lower half creates. The lower half of its body has a Heartless emblem emblazoned on its chest, as well as two firework explosions. The larger firework on the left has a navy core and lightens in color as it expands. The smaller firework on the right has a neon purple core which transitions into a darker purple as it expands. The Festive Fireworks's conical, top hat-like section is also dark blue and bears a thick, curled lip and a horizontal, tan stripe across the middle.

Like the other Heartless of its type, the Festive Fireworks is named after the design represented on its body. In this case, fireworks.