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Foreteller Ava

Foreteller Ava KHXBC.png

Katakana 予知者アヴァ Other Emblem.png
Rōmaji Yochisha Ava
Alias Master Ava (マスター・アヴァ Masutā Ava?)
Voice actors (Ja:) Yume Miyamoto [1]
(En:) Isabela Moner [2]
Homeworld Daybreak Town
Game Kingdom Hearts χ
Foreteller Ava

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ
Cunning as a fox, this fearsome foreteller boasts boosted stats all around. She also drops plentiful attack prizes, so use your special attacks to claim victory!
Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover
One of the Master's disciples who receives a copy of the Book of Prophecies.
Despite being a Keyblade Master, she is often treated as a friend by other wielders due to her age. She is the leader of the Union Vulpes.
Her role is to find exceptional Keyblade wielders regardless of Union and create her own organization.

Ava is a Keyblade Master who appears in Kingdom Hearts χ. As a Foreteller, she leads the Vulpes Union and is an apprentice of the Master of Masters. She is the founder of the Dandelions.


Before Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

Ava is given a Keyblade forged from her own heart by the Master of Masters, who takes Ava, Aced, Gula, Invi, Ira, and Luxu as his apprentices. Ava eventually achieves the rank of Keyblade Master alongside her fellow apprentices.[citation needed]

After the Master bestows a copy of the Book of Prophecies upon Ava, he grants her leadership over the Vulpes Union as its Foreteller. As Ava and the other Foretellers read their copies of the Book of Prophecies, they are shocked by the final entry, which details an event known as the Keyblade War, during which light would expire and the world would reach its end.

The Master of Masters gives Ava her role.

When Luxu leaves to fulfill his role assigned to him by the Master, the Foretellers are shocked by his sudden disappearance. Shortly thereafter, the Master meets with Ava alone in the Foretellers' Chamber and instructs her to avoid the imminent battles in favor of gathering Keyblade wielders, regardless of their Unions, to be part of an entirely separate faction called the Dandelions, who would venture to another world in order to ensure the survival of light. Additionally, the Master provides Ava with a list of five Keyblade wielders she must gather as Dandelions in order to succeed the Foretellers as Union leaders following the Keyblade War, with only one of them meant to receive a copy of the Book of Prophecies.

Ava and her fellow Foretellers are soon introduced the Master's latest creation, the Chirithy, which Ava gushes over due to its cuteness. Though the Spirit Chirithy are meant to aid Keyblade wielders in their endeavors, the Master warns them that if a wielder falls to darkness, so will their Chirithy, causing them to transform into a Nightmare. When Aced suggests that they destroy any Nightmare Chirithy they come across, Ava refutes the idea. Gula mocks on Aced's identity as the bear because of his scary demeanor, and Ava teases that Aced could simply growl at the Nightmare instead, much to the latter's embarrassment.

Without warning, the Master disappears from the world, and although Ava and Gula actively seek him out, they are unable to locate him. Upholding the Master's teachings, the Foretellers begin recruiting Keyblade wielders to each of their Unions, utilizing the powers of their copies of the Book of Prophecies in the form of Medals to aid their wielders in collecting Lux in order to maintain the balance of power.

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi][edit]

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is only considered in continuity if Player joins the Vulpes Union.

Having watched Player defeat countless Heartless throughout Daybreak Town, Ava commends their abilities. Ava offers them advice on defeating larger Heartless, suggesting that they fight alongside the other Vulpes Union members and then leaving them to defeat a Darkside. After the Darkside is defeated, Ava reappears and warns Player that there are others who collect light, but that not all among them share the same goal of bringing peace to the world. Ava allows Player to discern who walks the path of darkness before she departs.

The Foretellers take notice of the Keyblade wielders utilizing bangles that, when equipped, provide the power to collect dark energy. Ultimately, the Foretellers decide using the bangles was acceptable for their Union members. Not long afterwards, Ira summons the Foretellers for a meeting in the Foretellers' Chamber, declaring that there is a traitor among them after discovering a Nightmare Chirithy snooping around their home. When Ava proposes that the Nightmare could belong to a wielder in one of their Unions instead one of the Foretellers, Ira brushes this off as an unlikely possibility. Unable to come up with a viable solution to identify the traitor, as all Chirithy look alike and there are a high quantity of Keyblade wielders each of in their Unions, Ira asserts that only one of the Foretellers could have obtained the bangles, so the traitor has to be one of them. After Aced condemns Ira for spreading doubt amongst them, he adjures the meeting, prompting Ava to depart from the Foretellers' Chamber.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is only considered in continuity if Player joins the Vulpes Union.

When Neoshadows appear in Daybreak Town, Player joins three other Keyblade wielders in their efforts to quash the darkness being spread by the new species of Heartless; however, Player is the only survivor. After Chirithy witnesses another of his kind fade, Ava appears to speak with Player, revealing that while the Keyblade wielders are gathering Lux at an amazing rate, the darkness is spreading even faster. With this, Chirithy asks if that means that there really is a traitor among them, to which Ava states that she is not willing to believe that yet.

One night, Player is shown a dream by Chirithy, in which Ava and the other Foretellers meet with the Master in the Foretellers' Chamber, though Nightmare Chirithy quickly puts a stop to this dream.

A few days later, Aced invites Ava and Gula to meet with him in a warehouse, where he voices his frustration against Ira's suspicions. When Aced asks his fellow Foretellers' opinions on what Ira had said, Ava tries to defend Ira's actions, but this only aggravates Aced further as he believes Ira should trust them. At Gula's behest, Aced reveals that he wants the three of them to form an alliance to fight the approaching darkness, but Ava reminds him that alliances are forbidden. While Gula agrees to join Aced's alliance, Ava opts to follow the Master's teachings instead. When Invi arrives to the warehouse, a disheartened Ava watches as Aced and Invi argue and accuse the other being tainted by darkness. Afterwards, Ava parts ways with her fellow Foretellers.

Ava voices her doubt to Ephemer.

Mulling over all that has transpired, Ava sits alone in the Fountain Square and is soon joined by a wielder named Ephemer, who notices Ava's depressed demeanor. Although Ava remains vague, she expresses her doubts about the Master's teachings regarding the competition between the Unions, as Ephemer once asked her why the Unions compete rather than working together. Ava approves of Ephemer's desire to solve the mysteries of the world, as she believes that people should question things and think for themselves. When Ephemer he had befriended a Keyblade wielder from a different Union, Ava is pleased that wielders from other Unions could work together. After Ephemer leaves, Ava is relieved to know the world following the Keyblade War would be entrusted to young Keyblade wielders who share Ephemer's perspective.

Later that night, Ava encounters Ephemer outside the entrance to the Foretellers' Chamber and guides him to the outskirts of Daybreak Town for a private conversation. Ava discloses to him that she intends on choosing five people from the Dandelions, including Ephemer, to act as leaders of the Unions in the Foretellers' stead after the Keyblade War. Although Ephemer is reluctant to ascend to the position, Ava implores him to rise up to the challenge, so he and the other leaders can lead the Unions. Ava provides him with a book of rules that he must abide to help prepare him for the other worlds and ensure a future without destruction. Furthermore, Ava orders him that he and the Union leaders must erase the memories of the Keyblade War from the minds of their fellow Dandelions, while also avoiding any possible connections between the two worlds. As the truth about the Keyblade War must be kept a secret among the new Union leaders, Ava tells Ephemer that they must work with the Chirithy to protect the secret. Despite Ephemer's misgivings about erasing everyone's memories once the Keyblade War concludes, Ava sends him to another realm and instructs him to meet the other Union leaders in the Keyblade Graveyard after the war.

A few days later, Ava finds Player and Chirithy at the entrance to the Foretellers' Chamber. Player reveals that they sought her out because of the rumors surrounding Ava about her gathering Keyblade wielders with potential and is worried that Ephemer may have gotten caught up in the Foretellers' personal conflict. Ava refuses to divulge any information regarding Ephemer and attacks to test the latter's strength. After a quick battle, Ava states that she sees a lot of potential in Player, but notes the sadness in their heart and warns they will fall to darkness if the darkness is not dispelled. Afterwards, Ava allows Player and Chirithy to leave, realizing after their battle that the Player is the one who Ephemer had mentioned before.

After Player and Chirithy returned home to rest, Ava appears to them in Player's room to ask if Chirithy had been showing Player dreams about Ephemer. When Chirithy denies this, Ava remarks on how it may have been Ephemer himself, much to Chirithy's confusion. Ava explains that Ephemer is getting very lose to the truth, having fallen into an unchained state and finding himself in a different realm, where she believes Ephemer is trying to reach out to Player. If Player is connected to Ephemer, Ava deduces that Player is getting closer to that realm, though whether Player goes or not is determined by their heart. Ava tells Chirithy to protect Player from Nightmares before taking her leave.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is only considered in continuity if Player joins the Vulpes Union.

After Player successfully completes the Dark Corridor Trials, Chirithy reports back to Ava, who is pleased to hear of their progress, but Chirithy questions the wisdom of assigning such a dangerous mission. Ava laments that she has no choice but to hasten Player's training, as she must strengthen their resistance to darkness as quickly as possible and obtain as many warriors as they can get on the side of light.

Believing him to be the traitor, Ava, Invi, and Gula prepare to battle Aced.

A year later, Ava receives word from her Chirithy that Aced and Invi have been sighted battling each other throughout Daybreak Town. Hurrying to the scene, Gula, who was watching the duel nearby, calls Ava to their location. Invi declares that Aced is the traitor, and although Ava is reluctant to believe this, she and Gula stand with Invi against Aced. With strong belief in his own goals, Aced plunges into battle against his former comrades, from which he barely emerges alive.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is only considered in continuity if Player joins the Unicornis or Vulpes Union.

When Player, Chirithy, and Skuld enter the Foretellers' Chamber in search of Ephemer, they are caught by Ava, who has disguised herself as Ira. "Ira" divulges that he caught Ephemer in the Foretellers' Chamber several days before, and that Ephemer's Union collects Lux for a reason conflicting with that of the Players' Union. He accuses Ephemer of having befriended the Player solely to acquire information, and states that he eliminated Ephemer for this suspicion. Despite Chirithy claiming that "Ira" will not attack them, the Player decides to avenge Ephemer, but "Ira" emerges as the victor. As the Player is cast to the ground, the facade of the Foretellers' Chamber and Ira fades away and the group find themselves still in the sewers in front of Ava, who explains that she was simply testing Player and Skuld.

Ava heals Player, thanking them and Skuld for showing her the strength of their hearts and asking for their forgiveness for her deception. Ava proceeds to tell them the truth of the Keyblade War, Ephemer's involvement, and her plan to recruit Keyblade wielders with a strong resistance to darkness to become Dandelions. She invites Player and Skuld to join as well. Although Skuld immediately agrees, Player is concerned for those not chosen to become Dandelions. Ava respects their decision, but asks that Player and Skuld keep everything she has told them a secret due to the sensitivity that comes with the topic of the future.

Soon, Ava stumbles upon a fight between Aced and Gula. Just as Aced moves to finish Gula off, Ava jumps in to break up the fight. Aced withdraws while Ava tends to Gula's injuries, and helps him go into hiding to shelter himself from Ira. However, they are discovered by Invi, who reports them to Ira, leading Ira to confront Ava a few days later. Ava refuses to abandon Gula, leading Ira to withdraw as well. When she returns to Gula's side, Gula informs her of the contents of the Lost Page, which predicts an inevitable betrayal and "the one who bears the sigil", whom he assumes was Aced. Gula commends the distraught Ava for her scrupulous behavior, and voices regret that he performed guileful deeds in following the Master's instructions. He then explains that he intends to summon Kingdom Hearts in order to decipher the Lost Page by forcing the Master to return, but Ava declines to assist him as summoning Kingdom Hearts had been forbidden. Respecting her decision, Gula goes off on his own.

Ava gathers the Dandelions.

Ava later chides Invi for worsening the conflict between the Foretellers by divulging Gula's whereabouts to Ira, but defends her own actions in assembling the Dandelions by explaining that she is merely following the Master's instructions. Invi apologizes for misinterpreting Ava's actions, and Ava discloses Gula's plan to summon Kingdom Hearts by collecting Lux. They realize that Aced and Ira are also gathering Lux out of fear that Gula is vying for power, and decide to do the same in order to maintain the balance and delay the war, despite worrying that it could instead be what causes the war in the first place. Ava gathers her Dandelions at Fountain Square and instructs them to continue their preparations to avoid the war by flying away to the world outside, and entrusts them with the hopes for the future. In a last attempt to obtain outside intercession on the brewing conflict, she begins looking for Luxu, hoping he can lead her to the Master.

Ava attacks Luxu and signals the start of the Keyblade War.

Eventually, Ava tracks down Luxu at the outskirts of Daybreak Town and interrogates him about what he's doing. Luxu explains that he was assigned to survive the Keyblade War and observe the events to come, and advises her that her attempts to prevent the war by locating the Master are futile. He also explains that the Lost Page is an additional part of the prophecy that was kept secret from the Foretellers, making Ava wonder if all the conflict had simply been according to the Master's plans. She accuses Luxu of being the traitor, but he explains the truth about the traitor.[please confirm] He wonders aloud if the Master has chosen to take an interest in the fate of his disciples over the fate of the world, but Ava refuses to accept that the Master's motives could be suspect, and accuses Luxu of exploiting the Master's will. She attacks Luxu, signalling the beginning of the Keyblade War as Daybreak Town's bell begins to toll. Shortly afterward, she arrives to the Badlands with the members of her Union.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is only considered in continuity if Player joins any Union that is not Vulpes.
Ava confronts Player during the Keyblade War.

After fighting the other Foretellers, the Player runs into Ava, and asks her why she is taking part in this battle. Instead of answering, Ava attacks the Player and afterward simply states that there are secrets the Player must never know. Ava instructs the Player to flee with the Dandelions, while departing to continue her fated role in the Keyblade War.


Ava is a girl who hides her face under a white fox mask that has a blue trim. Her pink, hooded cloak is decorated with light green tassels and covers a white robe, light purple shirt, and light purple sash.


Ava is a kindhearted individual whose youth enables her to befriend the members of not only her Union, but others as well. Despite her young age, she is prudent and diligent, fulfilling the role the Master of Masters assigned to the letter, despite her own personal misgivings in regards to some of his teachings; when questioned on this, however, she is quick to assert that the Master is beyond reproach despite all evidence to the contrary. She is very forthcoming in most matters, able to tell Ephemer about her doubts as a Foreteller, and able to personally invite others to become members of the Dandelions. She also displays a more childish side, as she is openly infatuated by the Chirithy the Master presents to the Foretellers.


Main article: Ava's Keyblade

Ava wields a Keyblade that is unique among the Foretellers' Keyblades in form, lacking a large, engraved dark portion on its shaft. It features many gradients of pastel tones. It has a long, gold handle. The guard has long, cloud or wave-shaped portions shifting from yellow to blue on the top and separate blue pieces by the pommel. The base features a gold fox with teal eyes set atop an intricate gold and pink etching. A few cloud-like golden parts are above it to either side. The shaft is twisted and pink, then yellow, then blue. The blue bursts into separate clouds which form the teeth. Set in the center of the teeth, perpendicular to the shaft, is a pink symbol resembling Terra's Mark outlined in gold. The Keychain matches the blue parts of the blade, while the token is yellow and pink, inset with the Gazing Eye.


Ava's name is derived from the word avaritia, which means "greed" in Latin and is represented by a fox in the Ancrene Wisse.

Notes and references[edit]

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