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Questploration (フリークエスト Furī Kuesuto?, lit. "Free Quest") is a gameplay mode that appears in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. It allows Data-Sora to roam a world freely without any given mission or objective. Questploration is unlocked for each world, except Hollow Bastion II and Castle Oblivion, after the world's story is completed. In Questploration, Data-Sora can find missed rare prize blox, battle Heartless, talk to NPCs, revisit System Sectors, and discover new ones if the player's Scan level is high enough.

A major feature of Questploration is the introduction of Quests. Each world has one character who assigns three quests in consecutive order. Quests require Data-Sora to find a specific key item and return it to the owner in exchange for a reward.

List of Quests[edit]

Character Item Description Obtained Reward
Selphie Life Preserver (浮き輪
An adorably designed life preserver. Destiny Islands: Sector B / 8000 SP Feather Chain
Jump Rope (なわとび
A jump rope with colorful grips. Destiny Islands: Sector C / 18000 SP Gravity Drop
Folding Fan (ハリセン
?, lit. "Slapping Fan")
A folding fan that makes a loud "clap" when struck. Hollow Bastion II: Sector A / 1500 SP Shock Fall
Cid Wrench (スパナ
?, lit. "Spanner")
An essential tool when working with bolts. Traverse Town: Sector E / 7000 SP Thunder Charm
Waistband (はらまき
A big, warm waistband. Hollow Bastion II: Sector B / 3000 SP Triple Blizzaga
Goggles (ゴーグル
Eyewear worn by pilots. Traverse Town: Sector F / 129000 SP Judgment Triad
Alice Teacup (ティーカップ
A cup in which tea is served. Wonderland: Sector B / 700 SP Debug Device: R
Glass Vial (ガラスのびん
Garasu no Bin
An empty glass vial. Wonderland: Sector D / 8300 SP Heavy Chain
Red Rose (赤いバラ
Akai Bara
A white rose that has been painted red. Hollow Bastion II: Sector C / 1600 SP Pulse Tracer
Phil Wristbands (リストバンド
Special wristbands that contain weights. Defeat the Rock Titan. Debug Device: R
Barbell (ダンベル
?, lit. "Dumbbell")
An extremely heavy barbell. Whew! Olympus Coliseum: Sector A / 37000 SP Exo Spark
Leather Gloves (革のグローブ
Kawa no Gurōbu
Training gloves designed to protect the hands. Defeat the Ice Titan. Liberty Crown
Aladdin Silver Ring (銀の指輪
Gin no Yubiwa
A beautiful ring, despite having no special powers. Agrabah: Sector D / 47000 SP Debug Device: R
Crystal Earrings (水晶のイヤリング
Suishō no Iyaringu
Earrings with an air of mystery but no special powers. Hollow Bastion II: Sector D / 4000 SP Night Lenses
Ruby Hairpin (紅玉の髪かざり
Kōgyoku no Kami Kazari
?, lit. "Ruby Hair-ornament")
An intricate hairpin with otherwise no special powers. Agrabah: Sector E / 310000 SP Icicle Mine