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VS Battle

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VS Battle (バーサスモード Bāsasu Mōdo?, lit. "Versus Mode") is a gameplay mode that appears in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. It allows the player to face off against computer opponents or other players online. The mode is unlocked after clearing ten Field Battle stages. VS Battles are narrated by Chirithy.


VS Battles are a competition to earn the most points in a Field Battle track. Exclusive to this mode, the player has access to the Trick system, which can be used apply various negative effects on the opponent.

In a COM battle, the player chooses opponents from a list of five, each with a unique song and varying difficulty. The player is given a rank, and winning three matches will promote the player to the next rank. If the player loses three matches, the opponents are reshuffled and progress towards the next the rank is reset. The starting rank is Bronze, while the highest rank is Platinum.

In an online battle, both opponents choose a song to play, which is then picked at random. Instead of ranking up, players fight for Collector's Cards. The winner of the match will receive two cards, while the loser will receive one. There is also an option to play a Free-for-All match with up to seven players through local online play.


Tricks (トリック Torikku?) are special powers that can give the upper hand in a VS Battle. Each player's Trick gauge fills up as they successfully hit notes, unleashing a random trick on the opponent when full. Tricks interfere with the opponent's game, similar to status effects.

List of Tricks[edit]

Trick Effect
HP Swap (HPチェンジ
HP Chanji
?, lit. "HP Change")
Switches your HP with your opponents.
Trick Drain (トリックドレイン
Torikku Dorein
Decreases your opponent's Trick gauge and increases yours.
Vanishing Enemies (ファントムエネミー
Fantomu Enemī
?, lit. "Phantom Enemy")
Turns enemies invisible when they get close.
Sneaky Enemies (ステルスエネミー
Suterusu Enemī
?, lit. "Stealth Enemy")
Turns enemies invisible until they get close.
Hide Guide (ハイドガイド
Haido Gaido
Removes timing guides.
Harsh Judge (フラッシュタイム
Furasshu Taimu
?, lit. "Flash Time")
Shortens the timing window for actions.
Point Penalty (スコアペナルティ
Sukoa Penaruti
?, lit. "Score Penalty")
Lowers the score with every miss.
Interference (ブラインドヒット
Buraindo Hitto
?, lit. "Blind Hit")
Flings attacked enemies into the screen blocking the view
Tiny Targets (スモールターゲット
Sumōru Tāgetto
?, lit. "Small Target")
Makes enemies very small.
False Targets (フェイクターゲット
Feiku Tāgetto
?, lit. "Fake Target")
Adds fake timing guides.


Every player has a ProfiCard that displays their username and a customizable icon. After each online battle, the two opponents swap ProfiCards, allowing the each player to view various statistics about the other's performance and game records. Additional ProfiCard Icons can be obtained through item synthesis.

Related trophies[edit]

Image of the trophy with the same name Prelude to Battle
Defeat a COM opponent.
Image of the trophy with the same name Legendary Battler
Defeat 20 COM opponents.
Image of the trophy with the same name Shining Platinum
Reach Platinum 1 rank in COM Battle.