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Chocolate Gargoyle

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Chocolate Gargoyle

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Japanese チョコレートスタチュー
Rōmaji Chokorēto Sutachū
Translation Chocolate Statue

Type Pureblood Heartless
Game Kingdom Hearts χ
Gargoyle Knight
Gargoyle Warrior
Gargoyle Wizard
White Chocolate Statue
Earth Gargoyle
Chocolate Gargoyle

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
An unpleasant surprise lies beneath its sweet, chocolate exterior. With his strength and defense, this fierce Heartless will satisfy your craving for a tough battle!

The Chocolate Gargoyle is a Pureblood Heartless[citation needed] that appeared in Kingdom Hearts χ during the Valentine's Day and White Day events in 2014.


The Chocolate Gargoyle bears a resemblance to the Gargoyle Knight and Gargoyle Warrior. As its name suggests, its body and horns are milk chocolate brown. Its wings are a darker brown with lighter brown swirls, suggesting they are made of dark chocolate. The tips of its wings are melted.

It has a yellow eye in its mouth, and its tongue and palate are red. It has a yellow-gold brace on its upper left arm. In its right hand is a white dessert fork, with a chocolate-covered strawberry at the end.

The body of the Chocolate Gargoyle stands on an overflowing, three-tier chocolate fondue fountain. The chocolate from this fountain covers its base, which is gold with blue triangular details, and has spikes pointing downward on each of its corners.