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Red Bandit

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Issues: Kingdom Hearts χ information and stats

Red Bandit

Red Bandit KHX.png

Japanese レッドバンディット
Rōmaji Reddo Banditto

Type Emblem Heartless
Game Kingdom Hearts χ
Wily Bandit
Red Bandit

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
This tough bandit strengthens and heals its comrades. Its own HP is low, so defeat it with a special attack before it gets away red-handed!

The Red Bandit is an Emblem Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts χ.


The Red Bandit's appearance mirrors that of a regular Bandit. The Red Bandit wears a tan turban and matching face mask that meet together in the back. Other components of the Red Bandit's attire include a bright orange vest trimmed in a yellow outline, crimson colored pants with a gold trim that are held together by an orange sash, red shoes that begin a dark red on the soles but gradually lighten, giving the shoes' tips a flame-like appearance, a silver choker, and an assortment of arm bands, bracelets, and rings. They wield a large, gold-hilted scimitar, with half of the blade a panel of dark red with a center tan line that crookedly spirals towards the tip of the blade.

The "bandit" portion of the Red Bandit's name is a reference to the Arabian outlaws that would commit various crimes.