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A Union (ユニオン Yunion?) is a team Player has to join in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts χ. There are five Unions in total, each led by one of the five chosen apprentices of the Master of Masters, the ForetellersForeteller Invi's Anguis (アングイス Anguisu?), Foreteller Gula's Leopardus (レオパルドス Reoparudosu?), Foreteller Ira's Unicornis (ウニコルニス Unikorunisu?), Foreteller Aced's Ursus (ウルスス Urususu?), and Foreteller Ava's Vulpes (ウルペウス Urupeusu?).

The goal of each Union is to defend the worlds from the Heartless, collect light in form of Lux, and compete with the other Unions in those categories in different daily and weekly challenges.

In the aftermath of the Keyblade War, Ephemer, Skuld, Ventus, Brain, and Lauriam succeed the Foretellers and currently lead the Unions as part of the Union χ.


In the "age of fairy tales", the Master of Masters chooses five of his six apprentices to be Foretellers, assigning each of them to be leaders of their own Unions of Keyblade wielders. While the Unions strive to defend worlds from the Heartless, they compete against each other for Lux. Sometime later, the Master of Masters creates the Chirithy to assist the Foretellers and their Union members with their endeavors. After the Master of Masters' disappearance, the Foretellers notice Keyblade wielders utilizing bangles that provides them the power to collect dark energy, though they decide that using the bangles was acceptable for their Unions.

One day, Ira discovers that there is a traitor amongst the Foretellers, but they are unable to discern the traitor's identity. As tension between the Foretellers increases, so does the hostility between the Unions. Eventually, Gula plans to summon Kingdom Hearts to lure the Master of Masters back to Daybreak Town, resulting in the Foretellers vigorously competing over the world's Lux to empower their Unions. Realizing conflict between the Unions is inevitable, Ava acts in accordance with her role and gathers Keyblade wielders, regardless of their affiliations, to join a separate faction called the Dandelions, who are ordered to avoid the Keyblade War in favor of going to a new world to ensure the future of the light. Per the Master of Masters' instructions, Ava recruits five individuals to succeed the Foretellers as Union leaders and provides them with a rulebook to assist them. Quest 665: Target: Blitz Spear Pt. 5

Ephemer was the first to be approached by Ava when his curiosity lead him to seek answers about the world. Ava then recruits Skuld to join the Dandelions, who is then selected to become one of the new Union leaders. Quest 555: The Clock Tower Pt. 10 Strelitzia was the final Dandelion to be approached by Ava, but in trying to convince Player to join the Dandelions, Quest 726: Daybreak Town Heartless Hunt Pt. 1 she was eliminated by an unknown individual, who then stole her rulebook and took her place as Union leader. Quest 730: Target: Silver Hammer Frame Pt. 2 Brain, Ventus, and Lauriam would later gather in the Keyblade Graveyard as the new Union leaders, though it is unclear which of them is the impostor.

With a Union χ instituted, the Dandelions would be allowed to work with one another, regardless which Union they were loyal to, to continue maintaining the balance by collecting Lux. Quest 735: The Shiny Hammer Pt. 5


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